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It is known that hunters are a dedicated and passionate group of people. In fact, by 2021 surveys show that the global average gaming session will last longer 5.1 hoursSo in this era of gaming, getting the ergonomics just right is a must.

An ergonomic environment is vital for hunting as correct posture and furniture can greatly reduce the chance of strain or injury. And when a professional game can afford as many CD acts per minuteThis violence takes a heavy toll on the body with the fingers, hands, neck, back, and lower arms. This intense physical training causes many professional athletes to retire in their mid-20s.

However, the airline is one of the first steps to solve this long-standing ergonomic problem; Some meet nerdytec.

nerdytec origin

For years, furniture design has been the perfect office desk and chair. While this is needed, they are missing a large chunk of potential customers: gamers.

Some players are lucky enough to have their beloved room intact and can happily shed the luxury of ergonomic gaming chairs and equipment. At $11,995, the Zero Gravity Workstation Ultimate is one of the most expensive gaming chairs in the world, and while it looks impressive, most average gamers aren’t that lucky. And this is where nerdytech you entered

The company was established in 2011 with the founders John-Charles Jakob and Christopher Mut They are sick of sticking to uncomfortable and pain-inducing machines. They dreamed of conquering the PC and console gaming world with comfortable and ergonomic furniture. Thus the first Couchmaster® was born.

Chris Mut (Photo Credit: LinkedIn)

Roman and Chris designed the main Couchmaster® to deal with the problems that arise in the game on the desk and sitting for a long time in the same position without their own help. This lack of movement and body support can lead to neck and back problems, often tempting hunters from desks and beds. But without the right ergonomic equipment, many problems can occur.

How to solve the ergonomic issue?

Trying to play or work on the couch with a laptop, keyboard, mouse, and cables may feel more comfortable, but with laptops heating up, wires tangled, and drinks spilled, things can get messy. But these problems are a thing of the past with Couchmaster®.

No matter if you want to work from your bed or couch, many Couchmaster® models have your back, literally.

The Couchmaster® design encourages users to get comfortable support in their seat, bed or full bed. Plus, different models mean you can choose the ideal program for you. For example, the CYWORX is perfect for home workers with its large ventilation grill and tablet/phone holder, while the CYCON is ideal for hunters with its internal cable management system and six USB 3.0 ports, including an active port.

Depending on the model you want, there are some additional ergonomic features:

  • Space optimized for cables
  • The rest of the palm rests
  • Unbuilt USB port
  • Fan grill for boxers
  • Table holder
  • Compatibility with PC/PS4/PS5/Xbox/Codecs

Physiotherapist Roland Kellerbach of Cologne, Germany, says: “From a health point of view, I can say that the Couchmaster® offers the best ergonomic way to use a PC/laptop from your bed,” says Roland. “Wide pillows lift the shoulder and neck muscles in use, which effectively prevents tension.

They are an estimate 3.24 billion gamers around the world, that is a huge population with potential back, wrist, neck, and shoulder issues. However, if people start leveraging the innovative CouchMaster® nerdy early in their sports lifestyle, they can be sure to enjoy many years of ergonomics and pain-free play.

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