Mystery over Sam Kerr’s fitness ahead of England showdown – ‘I can… –

Sam Kerr’s fitness to play against England-bound Matildas has been left in mystery after coach Tony Gustavsson refused to say whether the star striker is carrying an injury.

After Australia’s 1-0 loss to Scotland on Friday at AFC Wimbledon’s home ground at Plow Lane, Gustavsson sounded uncomfortable when asked if Kerr was injured.

“I can’t explain it, I’m holding my next box so now – yeah, I’m going to pass on one,” said the Swede, who will need all of Kerr’s gifts before the finish line. prevent the team’s final overseas warm-up before July’s World Cup ending in defeat.


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Kerr stressed on Thursday how keen he was to play against England for the first time in his career, and Gustavsson did not rule out hope that he could get the chance to add to his 62 international goals in Tuesday’s eagerly-awaited match at Brentford. .

“If I predict today, I predict he will be available, but this is just speculation,” said Gustavsson, whose side will appear against an England outfit that has not lost in 30 matches while also lifting the European title.

“So we need to talk to sports science and the medical staff and Sam herself, and see where she is on Tuesday – but I know she will love to play.”

The coach sounded as if Kerr could be brought on in the latter stages against Scotland after his efforts to target Nicolas Docherty were able to hit the boat in response to a monster strike.

“Of course, I admit that there is a temptation to be brought. He’s itching for me, and he’s itching for Sam, but after a long conversation yesterday it was clear that it was best for him to rest against Scotland,” said Gustavsson.

“It’s a very tough environment at Chelsea with back-to-back games every week for almost two months.

“It’s about the bigger picture. If I was 15 years old as an inexperienced young coach, thinking that it’s a short-term event that matters, I probably would have played it and submitted to the big picture.

“Going forward I think a huge job on the defensive side; On the attacking side, we strive to be quite energetic,” says Gustavsson.

But there was plenty of quality on display from fullback Ellie Carpenter, back in an Australian shirt for the first time in a year after rupturing her ACL.

“Ellie brings a lot of confidence and energy to our team and our backline,” said captain Clare Polkinghorne.

“Lisor is very aggressive, loves to go forward, and is really hard to handle, so it’s really nice to see her and have her back in camp. It’s a big boost for us.

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