Multiple Fremont County musicians on the new WyoFolk Project compilation album

(Hoback, WY) – Distinct sounds permeate every region of the world, and the Wyoming community is home to exceptional performing singers.

Lomax Recordings for the US Library of Congress in the 1930s imparted significance to regional sounds. Ninety years later, a cross-section of Wyoming composers is adding new material to the deep well of American music. Wyo Folk Project.

Wyo Folk Project He attempted to record, which took place from July to September 2022 at Tres Cordis Recording Studio in Hoback, Wyoming, in the final compilation album of 14 songs released by 14 famous Wyoming singers.

The collection of songs is a historical snapshot, an invitation to experience the triumphs, tribulations, spirit and perseverance of the Wandering Hole.

Conceived, produced and mixed by Aaron Davis Session singers of Screen Door Porch Bandits and Aaron Davis & the Mystery Machine, the project is made possible by grants from the Wyoming Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Wyoming Legislature.

The compilation was made by Jim Wilson (Dan Auerbach, Widespread Panic).

Each WyoFolk’s singer and/or band spent a separate day at Three Hearts Recording’s remote studio in Snake River Canyon to record one song.

Thirty-four musicians contributed to 200 hours of sessions, which produced up to 55 minutes of music. The records range from complete takes of live performances in studios to now, multi-track textures built one at a time.

Each track is on Wyo Folk Project exemplifies an honest, heartfelt lyric story.

“Songwriting is so personal and recording is more vulnerable, so it was a real privilege for me to have access to a local emotional space with such a class of artists,” says Davis, who initially compiled a list of over 70 Wyoming songwriters for the project. .

“Since I was in the role of producer, it allowed me to work creatively with each artist during the sessions, and that experimental period informed a lot about the post-production work as well as the mix. The INTEGER collaboration creates an inspiring environment, and gives the Wyofolk Project a rediscovered vibe. This album has been the document of a lifetime, and hopefully Volume 1.”

Physical CDs and digital pre-orders for Wyo Folk Project are available through artist-friendly BandCamp (https://wyofolk.bandcamp.com/).

Bonus items for BandCamp pre-orders include access to the full album starting the week of March 31, beautiful art with liner notes and access to lyrics, a free WyoFolk sticker (CD pre-orders only), and options for high-resolution streaming and/or downloads

On April 7, 2023, the album will drop on all streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music, this in the lossy upscaled resolution of Apple’s Digital Masters format to 48k-24bit.

Album Tracklist for The WyoFolk Project – Various Artists [2023]

1- Standing Again – Jalan Crossland (Ten Sleep, Wyoming)

2. The Road That Leads to Nowhere – Alysia Kraft (Encampment, Wyoming)

3. One Good Wing – Aaron Davis (Hoback, Wyoming)

4- AM Revival – Jordan Smith (Lander/Gillette, Wyoming)

5- Ghosted by The Muse – Jason Tyler Burton (Pinedale, Wyoming)

6- Red Forest 1918 – J Shogren (Centennial/Laramie, Wyoming)

7. Jury – Sarah Sample (Sheridan, Wyoming)

8- Orchard – Christian Wallowing Bull (Lander, Wyoming)

9- Wheelhouse Duo – Low Water String Band (Lander, Wyoming)

10- Broke in the small town – Michael Batdorf (Wilson, Wyoming)

11- Was there ever a doubt in the world? -Bob Lefevre (Laramie, Wyo.)

12- Year Split – Inside the Island (Jackson, Wyoming)

13- ‘It’s not cheap’ – Shawn Hess (Laramie, Wyoming)

14- Green Passover – Isaac Hayden (Jackson, Wyoming)

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