Mirror fiber artist Margaret Blank as the focal point of the annual Art Show

Finished fiber artist Margarita Blank will be this year’s featured artist at the Encore Art Sale – to run April 14-15 at LMC.

blank works with various threads, fibers, fabrics and paints to create stunning dimensional works of art.

He mentions that over the years, his growing exploration of art has primarily meant painting or sculpting.

“If you didn’t paint something that looked like a photograph, well, you’re not the best artist,” he added with a laugh. But the interest in the art of expression was first stirred in the beginning.

“I come from the line, I first learned to connect when I was about eight years old,” he said. Another feather came along, and allowed his skills to grow.

Later he met two friends who were greedy for mattresses. Blank liked it, even for its medicinal effects.

“One of them in particular took me under his wing, and he was a skinner not far from where we lived,” he recalled. There he joined a group that met every month, and Blank figured out the art of passion fibers.

One day, she suggested to her friend that she should attend a special exhibition of quilting and weaving work.

“I walked into the room and looked around. And I saw her, and I said, I have to learn to do this,” he said. Although he certainly had experience in these areas, he certainly never reached these incredible displays of individual artists’ visions.

Blank began to meet with others in Cochrane’s shop, and all the doors were opened to him. “Our work was shown, and people were fascinated.”

Sadly, her husband also passed away at this time, and she later relocated to the Mirror in the fall of 2008.

“I’ve taken several online classes at this point,” he said. “And we just need to be kept at it.”

Lacombe exhibited her work at an annual art sale several years ago, and she also began teaching others about art as well.

To date, her work has been shown nationally, and in early 2021, she was selected with other Alberta-based artists to participate in “Art of the Unknown” – an exhibition of Alberta artists.

One of his most famous works was a three-dimensional installation entitled as a sign Body suitwhich was done to show the harshness of living with Type 1 diabetes.

In the fall of 2016, this powerful and thought-provoking work is also on display in the upper gallery at the Lacombe Memorial Center.

Meanwhile, according to his bio, Blank describes textile art as his greatest joy.

“I love the look and feel of quilting, beaded applique, free machine stitching, and/or hand sewing,” she noted, adding that it’s so meaningful to interpret the world around her through her fabrics, “inspired by my rural Alberta hamlets, rolling meadows and wide Alberta skies.”

Her work is also in private collections in BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, and she has held galleries in Sylvan Lake and Fort McMurray.

Currently, her work is on view and available for purchase at Gracie D’s Antiques, Collectibles, and Gifts in the Mirror, and at the Alix Public Library.

Meanwhile, the last annual art sale was back in 2019, so overseas artists – not to mention fans of the event – ​​were being held back from seeing more than they were ready to.

Vesta Energy, a brand selling handmade fiber arts, pottery, paintings, metalwork, and more products from some of Alberta’s best artisans.

There is no charge to attend, but donations are gratefully accepted.

Things kick off at 1 pm on April 14 and the Talk/demo with Blank runs at 2 pm

That evening from 6 to 8 pm is ‘Sip, Savor & Shop’ where visitors can enjoy tasty snacks and sip with a creative twist while shopping for the perfect piece to add to their collection.

Doors open at 11am on April 15th with another talk/demo with Blank scheduled for 2pm

‘Sip & Shop’ runs from 2 to 4 pm and the Arts Student Awards segment is scheduled to begin at 4 pm and wrap things up at 5 pm

Check out lacombe.ca/artsale.

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