Miami Beach Chamber 9th Annual City National Bank Better Beach Awards Honors Local Real Estate & Construction Industry Leaders

The Miami Chamber of Commerce (camp) and his army 9th* Annual City National Bank Preferred Beach Awards on Friday, April 21, 2013, April 6 Loews Miami Hotel Popular honors, leaders in the trendsetting local real estate industry. He recognizes the room excellence in sustainability, interior design, architecture, historic preservation and energy.

“Miami Beach is synonymous with impeccable design and architecture that contributes to the growth and popularity of our beautiful city. This annual signing honors those who are at the forefront of the real estate industry, helping to make Miami Beach one of the most desirable places to live,” said Jerry Libbin, President & CEO of the Miami Chamber of Commerce. This year, the event’s presenting sponsors include Vision Movies, Gunster, Uptime Technologies and hot wire.

The event is hosted by the The council of the Chamber of Deputiesa merger between the Construction & Development Council and the Real Estate Council, which acts as an aid to Chamber members who serve the local real estate community. The council encourages its members by sharing expertise, providing guidance and knowledge, exploring new educational opportunities and facilitating communication within the industry and community. The Board Co-Chairs are Mark Gemignani (Dominion Builders), Debi Quade (Cervera Real Estate), Mario Stocco (Douglas Elliman) and Jeevan Tillit (East of Collins).

Submissions are accepted from realtors, architects, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and/or enterprises for contributions to enrich the Miami Beach community.

The types and descriptions of the award are as follows:

  • On historical preservation
  • Innovative Architecture
  • Innovative Design
  • Green Award
  • Rising Star Award
  • Better Beach Award

Awards 1. HISTORICAL PRESERVATION: Nominees must demonstrate that extraordinary preservation and conservation actions have been used to protect objects, objects, landscapes or other artifacts of historical significance for the purpose of their project, while maintaining the same use.

2. INNOVATIVE ARCHITECTURE JUDGMENT: Nominees must demonstrate a unique and unusual approach to the project. The property should show innovative architectural solutions while creating branding and functional spaces. The building will be an outstanding example of functionality and design in the field of architecture and utility of the site and context.

JUDGMENT 3. INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Nominees must demonstrate exceptional creativity for any work in Miami Beach, either residential or commercial. The design must reflect a vision of innovation and forward thinking unique to Miami Beach.

4. GREEN JUDGMENT: Nominees have implemented exceptional sustainability practices in a recently completed project or in improvements to an existing project.

5. THE ORIENTAL STAR: During the first 24 months of their career in the industry, the nominees embarked on an initiative to immerse themselves in the Real Estate industry and excel above and beyond the minimum requirements among their peers. Nominees must demonstrate knowledge in the technological, marketing and professional arenas. The culmination of “Rising Stars” will be honored.

ACT 6. BETTER JUDGMENT: Nominees must demonstrate outstanding performance in contributing to our community, state and surroundings. It can be an individual or an organization that has given time, resources and efforts, and has tried and succeeded in making the Miami Beach community a better place.

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