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Living on the plains in big cities often comes with the risk of the large living spaces small towns offer. But a small bedroom doesn’t have to look cramped and cluttered. And you don’t have to compromise on taste and style when you’re planning such a space. This is because there are millions of them design trick which you can use to make your living space look bigger than it is.

With the same, Riya Kapoor, Creative Director, Quba Homes said, “In today’s rapidly urbanized world, metropolitan cities can accommodate more than the available space. This results in innovation in the design to optimize the use of the maximum out of the minimum area. She also shares some design Ideas for making a living room with narrow areas appear larger.

And so with the proportions: A room looks aesthetically pleasing when it has a balanced and balanced layout. It is recommended to start large furniture as the beds on the periphery of the room allow the lighter products and movements to flow back into the center. Then you can place smaller products to focus in the living room: the coffee table or the TV screen.

Use sight lines: Despite the limitation of real estate to work with, you can make your living room voluminous by considering the ceilings in the design. use of the area a lamp or a chandelieryou can break the similarity of the similarity of the furniture with different heights.

Multifunctional furniture is economical: Large pieces of furniture can be used as anchors in a space and are versatile in their function. For example, large cupboards can demarcate the dining area from the living room without committing to space.

There is always room for accessories: The living room is compact, however! While luxury furniture serves its purpose, it is important to have pieces that are visually compatible with each other. For example, modern silhouettes and brass accents on the bar and door can tie the room’s designs together.

Use ceiling details that naturally draw the eye upwards (Source: Pexels)

Adding Devika Khosla, Creative Director, Interior Works said, “Living rooms, small or large, form the heart of the home.” A Floor interior decoration elements, she also shared a few simple ideas that make a small living room look bigger.

* Keep the floor continuous. The continuous floor gives the appearance of a wide open space, since there is no distinct division by matching different flooring materials.

* Use ceiling details to naturally draw the eye upwards. Details like this would emphasize the space and create a sense of openness.

* And in addition to the horizontal elements such as wainscoting or lap ped-ship walls it helps to navigate through the room and controls the perception of space. So the simplest of details can create the illusion of a larger wall.

* Use color to your advantage. Color, as a design element, can move emotions and thereby create a specific mood. Lighter shades like gray, cream and nudes increase the space while also making it appear larger. Decorative elements can be used to introduce pops of color and liven up a space.

* Lighting plays a crucial role in the perception of space. This would be ideal to allow natural light through the window. However, if the need arises, ambient light, in the form of recessed lights, table lamps and overhead semi-red fixtures, set the right mood and give the illusion of a larger space. It is also important that the light passes evenly through the spaces, so that the room is open and airy.

*Finally, adding texture through plants, rugs and pillows in a color palette of similar shades used on the walls or other surfaces adds character to the space while making the space look spacious and feel light.

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