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For children, the summer holidays are the best time to rest. Since this time is a break from those academic experts, they consider these days as the happiest. They can take time off from studies and want to use holidays.

Summer vacations provide an opportunity to showcase your extraordinary talents. This is also the time to learn some new skills.

No one wants to study on summer vacation. They prefer to have fun. Having said that this is the time to have fun so use your talents and discover new hobbies.

What do children need to do on summer vacation?

During this summer vacation, we know that children are physically active. But if you’re trying to teach your child the importance of a balanced life, here are some facts about being active and enjoying yourself.

» The benefits of exercise include better thinking or cognition for children between the ages of six to 13. Regular physical activity helps to increase children’s thoughts, interests and judgment of people. It also reduces the risk of depression, anxiety and good sleep. Exercise aids in improving memory and attention. This will always help your school grades.

» Being physically active helps to strengthen your bones, muscles, joints, and coordination. As toddlers grow, they develop different motor skills that help them move and play. When it comes to these skills, which are so important to mental and physical development, it’s all about practice and repetition. The same is true when children grow into young adults. Their bodies go through rapid changes, and this will help them adapt to these changes when it comes to physical activity.

» They must remember that children indulge in physical activities even when they are away from social media for longer hours. Studies show that spending too much on social media creates an atmosphere of loneliness in children. Doing physical activity with loved ones helps to create strong emotional bonds that support them through life’s challenges.

All these things together make you happy! Although not all types of exercise are the same, they all have benefits. Some children love to play with their friends, cycling, playing shuttlecock, playing musical instruments. Parents encourage them to pursue their interests.

Make fitness a regular activity

Parents should make sure that whatever physical activity their children undertake is safe for them. Encourage them to play with kids of the same age.

I never try to force them into a game or activity. When they are pressed, it becomes a chore for them and takes the fun out of it. This will create negative feelings about the routine and result in long-term cellular habits.

Encourage them to indulge in physical activities that improve their fitness as well as heart health.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children should exercise at least 60 minutes every day because it strengthens their cardiovascular system, muscles and bone strength.

There are countless benefits in maintaining physical fitness – reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, reducing body fat, increasing blood and oxygen flow, and protecting against conditions such as osteoporosis and diabetes are among the most important. Starting a fitness program at a young age can help your children develop healthy habits for life. It teaches them about taking care of their bodies and building strong muscles.

In the old days, after school was closed, children spent time with friends or relatives. They will create their own world.

But today many changes have taken place in our life and that old childhood now looks like a distant dream. Therefore, even if it is not possible to recreate such a childhood, it is the duty to create beautiful children. May the summers of our children be filled with such fun memories.

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