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At a recent meeting on April 7, 2023, the University of Nebraska Madeline St. Board of Regents Clair was presented with a KUDOS award for her dedication to her Maverick members through the Maverick Food Pantry, located in the Barbara Weitz Community Care Center at the University. of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO)’s Dodge campus.

Madeline was recognized by her peers in this nomination for consistently giving her all in her role of managing the Maverick Food Pantry. It does this because it understands the relationship between meeting each individual’s basic needs and their ability to succeed in their personal and academic studies.

He always strives to make the pantry “a place that feeds the bellies, because he knows that it also helps to feed the success of students and meet their needs well,” wrote one of his nominators.

Another added, “Before the winter break, it went above and beyond all expectations – not only did the food pantry arrange for guests to have food during the winter closure, but also with the community order to get fresh produce, bread.” and special desserts to handle the holiday season, all items that the Maverick Food Pantry typically couldn’t provide.”

Madeline understands the power of a shared community, and such community partnerships are something special. This ensures that Mavericks, UNMC and Saint Mary’s College students have the resources they need to succeed. He has worked to foster partnerships that include organizations such as Whispering Roots, Omaha Farmers Market, Big Muddy Urban Firm, Food Bank of Hearts, and more. The pantry is now distributing free diapers to parents and guardians in need through a new partnership with the Nebraska Diaper Bank.

Madeline is also constantly on the lookout for feedback on things the Mavericks want or need. In this way, the Maverick Food Pantry is able to provide diverse and culturally appropriate products. There is something for everyone. Snap’s application support and planning is on the horizon to expand the available programming to feed students’ better stomachs, success and prosperity.

His job is to ensure that everyone is included and that the developer benefits from the great UNO. He recognizes the brand often associated with food pantries, and he passionately creates a culture of caring with a variety of options based on guest comfort levels and needs. Above all, she works to fight for that identity through conferences, education, marketing, and social media, to help the campus community understand that there is work on the UNO campus, and “just because someone can attend a four-year university, does not mean that they will not face obstacles such as food suspicions.”

Madeline coined the following sentence for the Maverick Food Pantry: “When you need it, take it. When you have, give.

When the Board of Regents gave KUDOS to Madeline St. Clair, UNO Student Body President/Regent Tori Sims said, “For her dedication to creating an outstanding Maverick community and working tirelessly to see it reach further than ever before, Madeline St. Clair has shown what a true Maverick Spirit looks like.

Come on, Madeline!

KUDOS Award Nominations

The University of Nebraska KUDOS award recognizes the achievements of outstanding employees and is presented six times a year at the NU Board of Regents meeting.

Do you want to submit a nomination for KUDOS? Use People Everything is software by clicking on the tiles STAR under himself

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