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Starting with the first bite, the food hints that there is a story behind it. We want the taste, but it is also the feeling, the memories. We often feel most connected to dishes that hold some level of history.

Years ago I heard about beer tacos online. There were beautiful tacos everywhere. Corn (sometimes flour) tortillas dipped in consomme, stuffed with beef cheese, garnished with onions and cilantro (sometimes radishes), toasted on both sides, then dipped again in consomme – this time to eat. I knew I had to taste those tacos. My family has tried beer tacos from several restaurants, our favorite? The most amazing beer from tacos, Fajitas to Geaux. Everything I ate was delicious. I feel there is a story waiting to be told.

I wanted to talk to Roland Flores, Jr. from Fajitas to Geaux.

Hi, Mr. Rolando. Can you tell us how Fajitas got started at Geaux?

The fajitas at Geaux had long since failed to do so. I think I passed there 2 years ago, and that building was empty. He said for rent, and I called my partner and said, “Hey, we have to do this.” He continued, “Take it.” And I called Mr. Jerry and said, ‘Hey, I want that place.’ My friend backed out. I was also paid in that position for about six months. I had to let go. return from me . . in June, July 17 (2022).

Do you have a lot of cooking in your growing house? When does your love start to open a restaurant?

I always barbecue with my son. I want to have a barbecue at my place and invite all the teachers from school. The whole school was called. fajitas made me love them. They loved it. I knew that if one day I could sell that product out of it, it would be good. I just knew he would do well. . I thank God that my prayers have been answered. People love us. We love them. We take pride in what we do. That’s what makes it all worthwhile.

How did you decide which foods to put on the menu?

Soon after years of making them around Plaquemines (Louisiana). My friend said that he cooks on a regular grill, not on a mesquite grill, but I knew he was going to put it on us (a mesquite grill). I knew that would be the case. Spices are not regular spices. It is different. These things happen. People love traditional tacos. They love cereal and beans. (they love) the crazy burrito. Not only that. you take a chance Everyone wants a burrito.

It is a passion, not a food service.

Yes, that’s a smile.

Absolutely! Hospitality.

So it is. If you eat well and have a great workout, there’s no reason why your spot can’t make it.

If a new customer came in and needed advice, what would he choose first, what would it be, and why? What is the chef’s choice?

I would like to know if you like to have steak or feel like having chicken. steak? It’s fajitas. If they want chicken, the Louisiana Burrito has chicken and beef, but we can make do with regular chicken. If they’re looking for something spicy, I say hot tamales.

What motivates you to consistently serve delicious food?

My employer Taste the first batch of food every day before we open. And next month, I will go to the roof where we prepare our cars and twelve to fifteen tables, so that people can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner there. I’ve been there for almost a year, and it’s time for something else.

As soon as we saw Fajitas Geaux, we wanted to try it and it was delicious and fresh. I had a moment when I was looking for beer tacos from whatever restaurant serves them. I didn’t know you sold all beer tacos. My family goes on vacation to Florida and we had beer tacos there. They were good. After we got home, I was craving those Florida beer tacos. My husband called me. He said, “Guess what? Did you know Fajitas Geaux sells beer tacos?” I said, No way. Goodness to some, even them! We celebrated because it was so good! Haha!

Getting up at 2. in the morning to prepare there 3. and cook breakfast to open 4. I do that every day. I wouldn’t have left the line without serving them.

I will open the kitchen to give us more cooking space. if you look at the building. . . that’s a lot of product that comes out of that building. I think it was fifteen feet wide. Imagine the soup in such a small spot. I am going to add to that. . . and expand our menu too.

Well, Sir Rolando, this was a wonderful interview. I knew something about Fajitas to Geaux that I loved. Every time we taste the food, it is delicious, it is fresh. Say it with emotion. You can feel this passion.

Next time you can sit at the restaurant and see our operation.

Oh, absolutely!

It is an honor and a pleasure to have this voice. I’m on fire. And I appreciate you reading our first story.

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