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Sponsorships for SA manufacturing professionals to fly to Ireland

NexVentur hiring Industrial Automation Maintenance Technicians and from * The manufacturing process itselfwith more specialized jobs to follow.

Nestled in the town of Manorhamilton, in the picturesque county of Leitrim in Ireland, the MCi plant employs around 320 people. Part of the International Bending Group, the company is a manufacturer of highly specialized actuators and power bends with a global production of more than 90 million units per year. Its products range from folding wing mirrors to optical smoke detectors and door guards for electric vehicles. Fun fact: every BMW 5 Series has four products manufactured in Ireland by MCi.

Manufacturing jobs in Ireland

Recovery is the only way to go NexVenturwho hires for these services;

Technical protection

If you have a background in electrical engineering, mechatronics and automation and have deep automation experience, this is the role for you! Excellent salary and benefits. See more here.

making an architect

This new role requires a minimum of five years experience with automation equipment, software, or related experience with a B.Eng in Mechanical, Manufacturing or related engineering discipline. See more here.

Sponsorships for SA manufacturing professionals to fly to Ireland
Sponsorships for SA manufacturing professionals to fly to Ireland

Liberal benefits for eligible SA candidates

The positions are available with a wide range of benefits, notably sponsored visas, which immediately opens up the market for South African jobseekers. The company offers;

  • Sponsorship visas
  • Best salary packages
  • Liberal day 27 days a year
  • Pension
  • life insurance
  • The purpose of medicine
  • Great work for culture and community support
  • It is based in Manorhamilton which is very safe and ideal for raising a family.

The best work around for MCi

  • Take new product applications to the side, at the cutting edge of what is mechanically possible.
  • Personal and professional growth is encouraged.
  • Staff love the team the great spirit and working environment.
  • The company has a strong focus on community and giving back.
  • MCi is active in social and sports clubs and can easily meet people and form friendships.
  • It is an incomparable lifestyle. I enjoy all the country’s amenities while being just 20 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Sligo and 40 minutes from Donegal, one of Ireland’s best holiday destinations.
  • It is a perfect family location: safe and close to the best schools, facilities and universities.

Learn more about the benefits of working for MCI this.

What to say about the employees of the company

“The MCi team is innovation-driven and very responsive,” said Engineering Manager Victor Kabaya, who previously worked at Nampak and moved from Durban to Ireland. “Ireland is a very safe country and Ireland is very welcoming. My family settled in well and the kids made friends through play and fun.”

“Even though I’ve been working here for four years now, the automaton level still beat my mind!” says Rebecca Golden, EHS Lead, who relocated from Australia to start a family in Ireland.

Recruiting and relocation all take care

Happy candidates are motivated by various reasons. In addition, whether exclusive partnership with Qatar Airlines means that when you book through NexVentur you get Gold Status perks like 20kg extra baggage allowance for free (perfect for moving abroad), more savings on bookings, lounge access, priority seating and boarding and more.

Apply today to take your life and quality of life to the next level

If you are interested or would like to hear more about this role, email Marc, or phone +353 83 089 3989 or apply via the links below:

“Technical Protection”

The manufacturing process itself

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