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A walk-in promwear mockup for high school students in Elk Grove was held on April 2 at 9299 East Stockton Blvd. The giveaway was part of a donation drive started by Laguna Creek High School alumni Jake Tabbah and Hunter Thielke as part of the community project Ignite Hope with Love.

The project teamed up with local non-profit xHope to help provide free promwear gifts such as dresses, shirts, jackets and pants to those who wanted a nice dress program without breaking the bank. The clothing was donated by a nonprofit Elk Grove office.

Hunter and Jake said they were inspired by the promwear drive after they completed a pajama drive last year and realized how difficult it can be financially to get their formalwear to others.

“I just got my suit for the senior ball recently, and it was pretty expensive, so I know not everyone can afford stuff like that,” Hunter said. “So, with the drive that we’ve already established, and when we have our ball, juniors coming up, grades, grades coming up, it’s a good time to give back to people who aren’t as lucky as we are. power some formalwear “.

Jake said he received more than 200 clothing donations for his formalwear drive, along with about $1,500 in monetary donations.

He said he also continues to receive funds for “dry cleaning services, shoes, accessories, and anything that could be added later.”

Hunter explained that there are also some savings on gift cards for Sephora, Ulta, Ross, and Men’s Wearhouse in addition to accessories or makeup.

Hunter and Jake said they set up drop-off spots in Elk Grove for people who wanted to donate promwear at places like Ella Blue Beauty, the University Cheer Force, and their high school.

The walk-in event started at 1 pm and continued until 4 pm, where three suits and 10 cakes were picked by the audience of the event.

Students like Isaiah and Cooper Lamarca came all the way to Elk Grove from Yuba City when they heard about the event from a friend and looked up the group’s information on Instagram.

After trying on different outfits, Cooper picked out a black shirt, black pants and a brown double tie, while Isaiah pulled out of a regular blazer and gasps.

Cooper said it was “awesome” and “nice to have someone here to help people who can’t afford this kind of stuff.”

Mother and daughter Lorrie and Bella Peterson said they heard about the incident from other mothers and students from Bella’s school at Laguna Creek High.

“I think it’s great, it’s a very charitable thing where two kids from” [Bella’s] the school put her together with her parents, it’s a wonderful thing,” Lorrie said.

“It’s nice that people can come here and get their suits, ready-made clothes, accessories and stuff for free. People can turn in old clothes or suits or whatever they want,” Bella said.

xHope member and hunter mom Gina Thielke said the previous weeks involving each other prior to the walk in events have been “pretty busy” and after the event ends, people can still call their office to send a set of suits and dresses to try on.

Gina went on to say that the suits and dresses will be going into storage soon and the dresses will be available until April 15th, while the suits will be available until May for graduation.

Jake and Hunter said it felt good to do this work, and they were happy with what they were doing.

“It definitely feels good, it gives me a good feeling about myself. Not only do we help people, but we’re there for our community and the neighboring community… it’s very humbling,” Hunter said.

Jake said: “It’s good to know that people are getting the help they need from us and from us and the community.”

For more information about promware fraud, contact xHope at (916) 937-6477 or visit

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