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1 West Hollywood Hotel

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably juggling a lot of responsibilities, making the idea of ​​a week-long vacation somewhere tropical during the springtime difficult. If your schedule is too hectic or the desired destination is too far away, you can stay in place. A stay spent vacation or quiet time at home or nearby. Staycations have plenty of benefits, like avoiding airport hassles, saving money, and less travel time, allowing you to get some much-needed rest. I recently experienced my first stay at posh 1 West Hollywood Hotel.

Located on the Sunset Strip, the property is known for its original architecture and contemporary design elements. Since the hotel is located about 30 minutes from my room, I thought it would be a pretty perfect place to unplug, rest, and recharge. The truth was overthrown as a right. With the breathtaking views and proximity to Hollywood, it was hard not to be inspired by the environment. Even though it was nestled at the base of the Hollywood Hills, I felt like I was in a giant tree because of the property’s commitment to nature and sustaining life. With wood elements and leafy green walls at every turn, 1 Hotel West Hollywood feels like a sustainable sanctuary.

In addition to getting some rest and enjoying a plush hotel bed, I participated in a number of wellness activities, such as a private somatic yoga session with their resident yoga expert, Natalia Grace, and a relaxing stay at the new Bamford spa, which left me feeling like myself. I made a stop in Fiji to let me stay

So if you’re thinking of breaking your spring break, there are some things I’ve learned and experienced right in my backyard that might inspire you to book your own.

I was able to rest and recharge.

Because of my schedule, unfortunately, I don’t get as much as I should. However, I was able to settle into the hotel, enjoy my new surroundings, and catch up on the long-awaited hours of sleep. Local bedding and non-toxic organic bedding certainly help.

Live Well: A Staycation At 1 Hotel West Hollywood is the perfect Spring Break Getaway

I stayed present.

During my somatic yoga session outside, I was able to clear my mind for an hour to focus on meditation and deep breathing. My instructor was attentive to my needs and physical injuries and did not pressure me to demonstrate perfect vinyasa flows. But it fostered a safe environment of health and acceptance. For an intense workout at 8:00, an expert has created experimental somatic exercises to create increased awareness. He used the crystal bowl to increase my attention and focus in practice.

I tried new ones and got kicked out of my platform.

Every person loves a good spa; I know for sure. 1 Hotel West Hollywood Bamford Hotel Spa does not disappoint. The spa opens to the public in late January 2023 and is based on a holistic approach to nurturing the mind, body, and spirit in a cordial connection with nature. I tried a number of treatments during my stay, including Bamford’s Himalayan Stone Mass and Infrared Crystal Therapy Sauna.

Live Well: A Staycation At 1 Hotel West Hollywood is the perfect Spring Break Getaway
1 West Hollywood Hotel

The Himalayan full body treatment combines hot stones to work deep into my muscles, allowing me to feel a deep release of tension and a sense of balance. The next treatment was the senna treatment, which I admit scared me. I went into the second treatment thinking I was going to be placed in the sauna, but instead I climbed into the sauna blanket on top of the waterfall machine! Then I had a red laser facemask placed on my skin. The result is warm skin, relaxation, and flexible muscles. We highly recommend it!

My stay and time at 1 Hotel West Hollywood was an escape from the daily grind of my work and life in Los Angeles.

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