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“What’s the craziest law roach ever done in a rage?”

That’s the question director Antonio Allen Ramos posed to the superstar stylist during an interview Wednesday afternoon at LA’s Lombardi House as part of an event to promote the new Netflix series. Beef. A brilliantly inspired investigation with a plot that follows the lives of two characters, played by Steven Yeun and Ali Wong, who fall into a road rage accident. And Roach answered where he is now in his life and career.

“Get off my job,” Roach offered as the room, packed with media and influencers, erupted into laughter and applause. “Thank you, Netflix, because I needed this.” That line is also a lot of laughs, and then Roach declared that he had announced his retirement from the personal style business, in one case he certainly didn’t burn out (at least he was ready to reveal himself with his microphone. hand) but instead he was upset that he had lost track of himself.

“It was with me,” he explained. “I think I’ve given so much to my clients and my career and my success that I don’t know when was the last time I was a priority. At that very moment [when I announced my retirement]Some have happened to me, but not all the crazy ones out there. In my own madness. I figured I didn’t love him. All my rage was internal. I said to him madly, ‘You know what to do, do something else.’

While the event was literally wildly impressive in its invite-only retreat, “Let Out Your Anger,” the well-produced afternoon had an easy, breezy feel. Guests floated through the lawns, enjoying light bites as usual and dumplings (from RiceBox sauces from Vola a Jing), sipping refreshments (such as Health-Ade kombucha), and taking mindful exercises (from painting and plant treatment through meditation and seque. sound bath) .

During a five-minute chat with Hollywood actor but in the event, Roach also had sanity on the brain as he opened up about how he went about making a major life decision, why he didn’t push back and received more interesting incoming calls when he announced his retirement from his personal style. (Warning: Could potentially involve more TV!).

(LR) Anthony Allen Ramos and Law Roach speak onstage at Netflix’s speak Beef The event will be held at the Lombardi House on April 5, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

I saw you at the THR Stylists dinner a few days ago and you’ve been around the world since then. First, how about India?

India was incredible. Whether you work in fashion, art or the creative industry, you want to feel and experience the colors of India. I got the opportunity which is of course incredible.

It was nice to be invited to a special episode of this Netflix show Beef and then to see your name in it. Why do you even say this is coming today?

And I said that sense is also because of matter. I think I will do it as part of my recovery. My message to leave is still very new, very recent, and still going through the healing process. I go through all these types of grief, honestly. I am now at an uncertain stage. I passed through sadness, I came through guilt. I have a big business and I use it a lot. I felt really guilty about this rash decision and wondered how it could have happened. Now I’m in this healing process and I’m sure that the decision I made was the one I wanted to put in the first place. All of that makes sense to come here on trial because he experiences in real time what I am.

I can understand, it’s a lot of process and managing how big your life is. You said that some themes Beef touches, healing, trauma, anger. Let’s go with the first stupid question: Do you have a beef with someone?

(Laughs)) I would like to think that I do it online, but I don’t. I have no beef for anyone. There is no will, no denial of anything on the part of anyone.

Lex Roach follows Netflix's book

Lex Roach attends Netflix’s Beef “Let go of your anger” Event

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I was thinking about you when I drove her today knowing that I was going to talk to you because this show opens with the anger incident and I wasn’t sure if you would drive?

I will not drive.

Don’t you?

No. therefore I will not drive out. I saw [road rage] while I rode in the back of cars and it just feels dangerous. I don’t even want to be subject to that kind of anger. I don’t know if I want to or not, but just because I’m moving to LA, I’m not driving anymore.

So how long has it been since you drove the car?

Almost a decade.

Not much is missing, there can be a mess.

I didn’t think it was me. (Laughs.) I get to be in the back seat taking calls, answering emails, talking with my co-workers, in conference calls or zoom. I never get caught in the act because I’m always so worried that I don’t even notice what’s going on.

I don’t know if you could see it when you were walking, but there is a lot of activity outside on the lawn today, as the guests are working out or working out a frenzy. There are many health care options for you to choose from now, I’m curious about how you manage stress or what you can do to manage your current situation?

I’m learning. I am once again on this journey to find out and figure out who I really am and what makes me happy and how to deal with stress. Now, you have to sit back because I don’t have work, you know, but it’s more about caring than anything else. I think that from knowing I really made the right decision. But again, it’s a process. I didn’t make the decision to retire and then wake up the next day and everything was perfect. I have to experience new emotions and feelings.

While you’re doing that, you’re also probably juggling a lot of new opportunities. What is the most interesting incoming call you received when announcing?

I got a couple of calls from really, really well-known production companies to see if there was any interest in that space.

And I mean?

The answer is yes. Do you know what it is? I want to try everything. I want to take every opportunity and try to see what else I’m good at. I am also entering this stage of my life with the theologians [belief] because I am not afraid to fail. I just want to try. If I’m good, I’m good. If I am not, I am not. At the end of the day, if nothing works, I can always go to the stylist again because I know I’m good. I have an artist, but in the meantime, I want to try as much as possible. how many things I want to do.

The last question: We will always ask who was the mystery guest that you called Vanity Fair Oscar Party, the one who experienced the clothes malfunction from the car?

Um, neither. (Laughs)

Guests can visit the Netflix BOOK

The guests will focus on the interview with Roach and Ramos, who will focus on communications and talent for GLAAD.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Guests can visit the Netflix BOOK

Guests work out their feelings at art therapy stations, which include canvases, quilts, and paints for watercolor creations. Maria Harris, licensed in marriage, family and art therapy, offered insights into how art therapy can be used.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

He is playing a guest hit on the Netflix series

Guests were able to physically release their fury with this killer game by SharingBox activation.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

(LR) Alyssa Navarro Rafael and guests attend the Netflix documentary

Alyssa Navarro Rafael and guests get their hands dirty in a therapeutic gardening workshop, led by Silvia Yoshimizu-Dee and Dana Horst. The lush plants were provided by Sunland Flowers. Additional decorations throughout the venue were decorated with florals and plants from Clover & Bronze.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

It looks like a smart book on Netflix

The do-it-yourself package was curated by Marsha Pacify, who created a workshop using sage from her family’s farm. Then she and her partner led a healthy meditation and breathing bath.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

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