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Captain of the Manning Cup team at Meadowbrook High School, Curtis Marsh caught the eye of many, but found himself standing with one fan: Krystal-Gail Crooks. He went on watching the game for almost a year until he claimed victory, with his number as the main prize. He would later win her heart and in holy marriage ‘Marscus’.

“I was amazed at how comfortable Curtis was. You’ve never caught it slipping! She had her belt as her shoes and her Jansport purse. His Clarks were never dirty, and his shirt was always tucked in. He had the worst behavior of the boy, but he could still be awarded a prize in everything. I was scared,” explained Krystal-Gail Wedding Island.

As Krystal-Gail looked around the school, Curtis waited for her to either engage in a typical teenage girl story or approach a friend. But she patiently waited for him to make the first move.

“My respect for him went through the roof. I knew there were others. It was a long skirt with her hair permanently caught in the sand, but she still wore it confidently. She didn’t ask for attention, but grabbed mine, she confessed.

During the first chat time of the club, they spent hours having a deep, meaningful and purpose-oriented conversation. “She was as bright as she was beautiful. Everything we talked about was not superficial and we immediately began to dream together. I knew this was the one, and I knew she was going to be my wife!

In 2012, the two went to the Carib 5 movie show on the first day Batman beginscommemorating the beginning of a new love. “We had such a good time,” Krystal-Gail said. She is particularly impressed in the military records of that era, “He wrote a taxi to take me back home to the Red Hills. That would cost a pretty penny, especially since we were still in high school. This shows how much the nobleman retreats even then.

After the first day, Curtis asked out of the blue. He was given to study abroad, and he asked if he would wait for him. Although both of them were against long-distance relationships, he was not about to lose his soulmate. Thus a pair of Romans held across the frontiers.

They were already in love and rarely got married on the same day. And the fate of the summer of 2014 was signed, “In one of his visits we had a picnic in the Hope Gardens, where we wrote down our expectation of a relationship and he signed “Krysti’s Law”. Then I thought to myself, this is going to be my husband, she revealed.

Curtis was saved before leaving school in the twelfth grade and had a conversation with God about his desire to have a strong woman who proved worthy of a man. Krystal answered the prayer: “As humans, we are bound by those who have been faithful, and Krystal is that and much more! We are literally one person. All my things belong to him and to him. He loves God more than he loves me, which is very important in a marriage, as we both have the same foundation in rough times.

He not only believes that they are suitable for each other, but also that they fit each other well, complementing each other in the journey of life. “She is ambitious, passionate and generous. Our differences also give us strength to recognize. I was directed to the destination while Krystal was thrown into the process. In order to cast a vision, they quickly organize everything that is necessary to make it happen. this is the dream of every man!

Blessed is he who corrects him in love, moves him by words and encouragement, encourages and works. He believes that he is better because of her, and moreover, Krystal-Gail clearly shares in his love, teaching him how to love unconditionally and pragmatically.

Curtis is the love of his life, irreproachable, religious, reverent, brilliant, converging, and definitely the love of his life, and he always goes on to a new level of dominance in all spheres: “he encourages me to never fail.” a decision out of fear and instead to embrace new challenges that I will never grow in my isolation.”

Being of the same mindset allows them to take risks in many businesses that seem too high to achieve. “He always builds me up, reminds me of my talents, and encourages me to occupy every space and dominate what I call. I simply wouldn’t be who I am today without my Curtis,” she added.

After five years of waiting, the engagement was finally committed. Curtis decided to look for his wife Krystal-Gail. “I knew that once I was brought out of the university and I had done the job. Thank God, I had a career in my dream company six months before graduation, so the project started immediately,” he revealed.

Around Christmas 2016, Curtis flew to Jamaica to see Krystal-Gail during her last year at university. The pair went out to celebrate what they thought was their new job. But his partner had other life plans in store for him.

It all started with a book. “I bought a book called” Love dare. Inspired by the movie Fire proofevery day love dares towards a partner according to the word of God. After I finished it, I addressed Krystal’s final dare on the last page.”

Having received his father’s blessing and the size of the ring, with his mother’s courtesy, he had a private dinner in the hall of the Spanish Hotel. “I was pretending to go to the restroom after dinner, the waitress asked Krystal to come to the lobby of the hotel. And then I started playing the song Love is not a battle by Warren Barfield, that felt for both of us.

Confused, Krystal-Gail turned around only to be greeted by Curtis handing over his team Love dare The book, “I asked him to turn to the last page which read, ‘Say Yes!’ and he immediately went down on one knee, asking for a ring and asking him to marry me. Believe me, he won the dare!”

For the big day, the bride enlisted the help of family, friends, and a few merchants to pull off the wedding of her dreams.

The two have already become one on March 9, 2018, when they attended the New York City Hall. But the ‘happily ever after’ couple decided to celebrate their fifth anniversary with an official wedding ceremony and reception.

The beauty of the Bellefield Mansion in Montego Bay, St. James was all about the union of the bride and groom.

“It was a beautiful wedding,” said the blushing bride, making special mention of God’s ceremonies, and the full reception. The bridegroom thought that his favorite moment was to see his beautiful bride for the first time, “You don’t think of tears, but they come like a flood. I am overwhelmed with love and joy!”

At the first dance, a husband and wife duo danced to a mashup powerful by Taurus Leo and Ellie Golding Tadow by Masego & FKJ hosted by deejay, DJ Fenix. “It was magic,” Mrs Marsh said.

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