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New Delhi: Nails say a lot about personality, attitude and style. Part of beauty and form are so crucial. This season calls for flowers and pop floral colors.

“This year, neon and bright colors have replaced traditional neutral shades. Neons aren’t going anywhere, they’re becoming a part of every beauty fanatic. From neon short nails to bright jewelry, 2023 manicure styles have something for everyone.” says Utkarsha Chaudhary, Beauty and Training expert, but Boddess Beauty.

Here are some inspirations from the Boddess manicure board that are growing in popularity and caught our eye in spring/summer.

Flowers Flowers Key Design: Let’s talk about summers and florals. Who says short nails are ugly? Everyone fell in love with the charming, inspired art of the vintage floral patterns of short nails. This floral design is eccentric and charming. We love how these designs offer a simplistic yet vibrant approach to your regular nails. It is proven that nail polish can be applied to natural nails without the hassle of nail pulling.

Pop Micro French Tips: A simple French manicure never fades, so why not take a version with a little twist? This adds an elegant pop of ultra-thin color across the ends of your nails on any size or shape of your nails.

3D Key Art Ornaments: If you’re someone who wants to stand out in the crowd, throw a party on your nails and opt for larger-than-life 3D detailing. These nail art designs add extra drama and are seriously captivating. It is possible to play around with different decorations such as gems or buttons added to the elongated nail with a 3D effect. The patterns are cool, trendy, and creative. ‘It’s a futuristic trend,’ says the celebrity nail artist. The bigger it is, the better it gets.

Nail trends to catch your eye this season.

Glazed Donut Keys: The glassy nail and dewy look of the moment is inspired by Hailey Bieber’s ultra-shiny manicure. The glass donut nails are still telling the story of the city from last year and they still hold up this season. This nail pattern is all over the place that strikes the right chord between minimalism and adding an x-factor to your nails. It’s no wonder that not only celebs, but beauty enthusiasts like us are drawn to this model as it exudes class and sophistication. Try a milky shade topped with chrome for a glassy effect.

Nail trends to catch your eye this season.

gold and metallic nail: the nail penetration is getting huge this time. It’s a blingy trend grabbing a lot of attention this season. Crystalline girls are very friendly, why not raise such similar eyes to your nails? This includes jewelry, jewelry, or piercing nails, additional nails on sleeves, dynamic nails.

Nail trends to catch your eye this season.

These nail trends are certainly eye-popping, have been the talk of the town for a while, and have only gotten bigger over the years. If you are one of these trendy nail fanatics, then you should give it a try. From subtle to statement-making accessories, this is your go-to trendsetter.

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