Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone is being directed by a Paramount boss as exit rumors continue – Express

Kevin Costner’s future in Flavistone was directed by Paramount Network bosses amid speculation the series could end. The beloved drama, which is based on the powerful Dutton family, is an international hit, with Costner as the intrepid patriarch John Dutton.

But since season five aired last January, there has been no confirmation as to when filming will even begin, let alone air.

While these were initially discussed as conflicts with Costner, speculation over the behind-the-scenes drama emerged in late March.

Despite the appearance of the schedule, creator Taylor Sheridan and all the original cast members pulled out of the panel at PaleyFest in LA at the last minute, insisting that the red carpet was announced only half an hour in advance.

Keith Cox, president of development and production at Paramount, spoke at the event and tried to allay concerns about the future of the series, and especially Costner’s place with the series.

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“What the star is saying, the face of the show and the executive producer, we are very confident that he will continue with our show,” he said.

However, this only added fuel to the fire with sources including Variety and The Hollywood Reporter claiming that Costner and Sheridan had clashed behind the scenes over disputes and demands for a shorter filming time.

Among the allegations is Costner’s claim – who now boasts the highest salary in US television at up to $1.5 million (according to Variety) – Joann wanted more money for his role.

He also wanted to cut back his availability to just one week per summer for next season (second). Deadline).

In the mid-season finale ‘Knife and No Coin’, the Duttons entered into a civil war between the families when Jamie (Wes Bentley) made plans to remove his father John from the office of governor.

When the family is torn in half, Beth (Kelly Reilly) sticks to John’s side and confronts her brother, finally threatening to reveal how many dead bodies have been covered up over the years.

The episode promises blood to come in the coming episodes, with a major spoiler suggesting Jamie begins to make plans to permanently leave Bethsan.

Although Bethsan, someone who is never a messenger, has superiors in some way to be revealed.

While the flagship series is now on hold, with its future beyond season five uncertain, the franchise continues to expand even further than before.

Currently, there are many on the air and in production, including a prequel in 1883, Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren married in 1923, and Yellowstone: 6666.

The entire series followed the Duttons and their Montana village through significant points in family history.

In 1883, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill starred in a village acquisition, while in 1923 he investigated a family dealing with the effects of the Great Depression and Prohibition.

6666, which was first confirmed in February 2021, but has yet to be given a date of relaxation, will be based at the Four Sixes village in Texas, where the main series regular Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) has spent four seasons to learn how it is. cowboy

Matthew McConaughey is also rumored to be joining the world of Yellowstone, though it’s unclear how.

Some rumors speculate that it is part of the 6666 series, while others claim that it could become part of a whole new story.

McConaughey and the Yellowstone team have not yet commented on the reports, which first emerged in February 2023.

Yellowstone is available on Paramount + and the Paramount Network.

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