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With the foreign media covering the impeachment of Donald Trump and the dominating news on Tuesday, late night TV was all about trying to capture the historic, but clearly prodigious, nature of the day’s events.

On Show DailyGuest host Roy Wood Jr.’s introduction to Tuesday night’s episode inextricably focused on the absurdity of the media’s animalistic coverage surrounding Trump’s made-for-cable TV trip from Mar-a-Lago to a Manhattan courtroom. The former president has been indicted by a New York grand jury for his alleged role in a scandal involving hush money payments made to pornographic actress Stormy Daniels before the 2016 US presidential election.

In a comprehensive summary of Tuesday’s events, Wood highlighted how Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene compared Trump to Nelson Mandela and Jesus as other figures who were subject to political arrest. He did the same so that none of the things that should have happened today. “The crazy thing about everyone today is that Donald Trump didn’t come to New York,” this week’s writer Daily Show said the army. He could blame it all on the manger. Because apparently they gave him an option over Zoom. You know, like Nelson Mandela and Jesus.

“The trumpet wants the public,” said Wood. “Look how he came out of Trump Tower this morning giving a punch to Black Power like a true political prisoner. Thus he lives on dung. Trumpet Hell is bound to show up right every day dancing on a car like Michael Jackson.

He added: “And the media, man, the media, what are they doing? They played right along with her, giving her wall-to-wall coverage, even when there was absolutely nothing to talk about.

As events ran through the day, Wood thought he needed to go viral with his analysis. “I’m ‘trying to go viral this week. The host is under a lot of pressure,” he joked, alluding to the need to bring in a special guest to handle things. Help came in the form of an expired Show DailyOnce upon a time, as Jon Stewart revealed, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s caracal was gilded.

By removing his hood, Stewart said he was helping Wood as “a wise guy who leads a young audience,” but what ensued was a protracted debate about why Stewart was dressed as Kenobi, who Wood’s character was, and whether Trump was Vader. The Star Wars The bit went on for so long that Wood was running out of time, and Stewart was getting frustrated.

Jimmy Fallon shared a special clip addressing the impeachment, in which he made jokes about Trump’s thumbs looking like a “no walk” sign on street corners, how he’s a child who needs entertainment with an iPad and how he probably thinks. His Class E felonies are “very classy.”

“Trump was like, ‘Sure, they were classy crimes, some classy felonies.’

The Tonight Show The host then turned his attention to Greene and George Santos, who showed up outside the New York market.

“It was absolute chaos,” Fallon said. “It was basically the craziest Thanksgiving Day Parade. Even Square Elmo was like, ‘If they try to fight, walk right past them. Don’t run into them.’ He then noticed that Santos had appeared in the market, being examined by reporters. “Tuba saw the media following Santos and was like, ‘Hey, your charge.’

The guest couldn’t help but refer to Greene’s words when he called Trump’s arrest for Mandela and Jesus, joking that “Jesus saw this and said, ‘Jesus.’

Stephen Colbert kicked off his Trump segment by saying it was 70 degrees and sunny with a prison accident in New York on Tuesday.

“When he finally came down to the stage, we heard these immortal words, ‘At this moment, 1:24 pm Eastern time, Donald J. Trump has been arrested,'” said the host, to loud cheers from the audience. It feels good, but remember, innocent until proven guilty.

The Late Show The host continued, “Immediately, of course, he was read his Miranda rights. Then, Miranda claims he’s not her boyfriend, asks her to sign an NDA and dictates again.”

Colbert goes on to make fun of Trump’s attorney Joe Tacopina, how cable news filled the time without access to the forum and what was potentially going on in the former president’s mind during the impeachment trial.

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