Jodie Comer won the 2013 Olivier Award for First Face Her Dad from Free Lunch

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Jodie Comer at the 2013 Olivier Award for At first sight Father got up from the Free Breakfast

The soon-to-be Broadway star told Stephen Colbert how he had to get his parents home when he had a flight back to NYC for a Broadway show.

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert April 5, Jodie Comer (kill eve) revealed that when he returned to New York City from the Olivier Awards in London, his parents took home the 2023 Best Actress award.

Eating stars at Suzie Miller’s At first sightwhich began a week before the upcoming Broadway bow ceremony. The count returned about 24 hours to attend, and was followed almost immediately on the flight across the ocean. “My parents have this time that we have to leave,” he said. “I told my father to put him in the bag.” Don’t take it out of the bag. Shameless really, but he carried it and got a free upgrade on the train and a free lunch at his local pub,” he says with a laugh.

Previews begin transferring to the West End at the John Aureus Theater on April 11, where it will open on April 23. Earl will star as Tessa, a British defense lawyer from a working career who has worked hard to climb the ranks. As Tessa rebuilds her life defending men accused of sexual assault, the whole world is thrown into question after she ends up on the witness stand. In an interview with Colbert, Comer also talks about how he’s doing it At first sighthis first wife shows, he taught her that he is the only one who can change the mode of performance if he leaves. Watch above to learn more.

Dani continues to work in Arlington.

Justin MartinJungle) production that features an original score by Rebecca Lucy Taylor (aka Self Esteem), two-time Tony nominee stage and costume designer Miriam Buether, lighting design by Drama Desk nominee Natasha Chivers, sound design by Drama Desk winners Ben and Max Ringham, and video by William Williams for Treatment Study. The Broadway run will generally be handled by 101 Productions Ltd.

Partnering with Organizations for Further Change, Operation Broadway will work with the UK-based charity The Consent School Project, which aims to educate young people about issues surrounding consent and sexual assault. Also launching At first sight The Pro Bono Project, offering lottery tickets at discounted prices and raffle tickets at every performance, while free tickets provide access to select partner companies and the community.

visit PrimaFaciePlay.com.

Check out the photos of * At first sightrun below the west end.

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Jodie Comer at London’s First Face

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