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A few minutes of chatting with Jennifer Aniston, 54, and it’s clear she’s still everyone friends and intends to continue for a long time. Of course, it only ended when the iconic show wrapped in 2004 (Hello, Morning Show) and Rachel Green put the pieces in the rear view. And as it has evolved, so has access to health, fitness, sleep and beyond.

Jennifer will be the first to admit that she has been putting herself in years of work and career. And whatever they call the ancients, and the dense days they call Times with sleep and destruction. It already prioritizes them Zzz and in turn the overall health partnership with them Pick up the night & day campaign.

In oh-so-relatable commercial sleep, Jennifer lies restlessly in bed listening to the whole meditation still awake. It’s quite true that IRL with the dream experience, or the ignorance of it. She also worked to create a time ritual that helps her get the kind of sleep she needs…finally.

Here, Jennifer Aniston tells Women’s Health Everything around her for sleep and routine sleep routines helps her feel, look, and perform her best 54 .

Jennifer has 8:30 pm, ideally.

It’s a process of being an actress, though. “I usually start winding up around 8:30, and it’s not easy for me,” he said. “I’ve been sleeping through and through, and I don’t know when it started.”

“When I’m good about my routine, which I really try to be, about an hour before bed, I start to turn everything off and down,” Jennifer explains. “By ‘it’ I mean me and my brain. I usually do a wash, a bath with epsom salts or magnesium salts. Then I do my meditation. That slowly allows my mind to relax without any other stimulation and my body relaxed. After the meditation, if it doesn’t knock me out, I usually meditate in my sleep.”

He fully realized the importance of good sleep to overall health until his 40s.

“My sleep started to suffer about 10 or 15 years ago,” Jennifer says. “I realized that I don’t feel good, and I don’t do the way I should do when I haven’t slept well. My activities are working. Work and memory are not in the matter. My skin, hair, everything starts to pay the price for your vigils, which accumulates over time. I don’t get sleep you can.”

Jennifer has new reasons to stick to an effective sleep routine. “When I do my own ritual, that nightly routine, I just know how good it makes me feel the next day. And that inspires me.”

“When we were younger, we would get three to five hours of sleep and think, I can still do this,” Jennifer says. “You feel invincible that you can’t sleep at all, but finally survive the time, when the hours of sleep are when our bodies are renewed and repaired from the day before… well, those cells are not doing well. The aging process and who wants to do that?

Jennifer wakes up at 8:30 or 9 am… when she has a choice.

“If I haven’t slept and I won’t have anything until noon, I’ll try to get extra hours or at least hours,” he said.

But, Jennifer is often much earlier. The times call for it to be required before the sun rises by 4 or 5 am, which is “the worst”. “I don’t understand why our industry has these hours. It’s horrible.”

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It is naturally adapted. “When I have to go to work and I have to wake up at that horrible hour, I’m so good about my nighttime routines and my nighttime rituals. I’ll start it two hours before I know I’m going to sleep. I can do that and feel more refreshed when I wake up at these horrible hours.

Jennifer doesn’t have any personal fitness goals right now, but she is investing more and more in her longevity.

Jennifer is famous for many things, including her strong body and work ethic in the gym. What works now is refreshingly simple.

“I don’t have any goals,” he said. “My workout routines have stayed pretty much the same. I just make sure to do them and keep my body strong.”

“My goal is just that I love my workout and I feel incredible after a great workout,” Jennifer adds. “What’s great about it, and our bodies are fit, it’s amazing.”

Jennifer is definitely looking to the future and is working to get healthy for herself. “You start to realize that you’re getting more advanced in your 30s, 40s, and 50s, and you’re starting to ask your doctor more about longevity,” he says. “My personal experience with my parents’ generation and watching their bodies decline and their bodies in their 50s, I think our bodies are thriving in a way we just didn’t know we could ever do.”

Which also means Jennifer’s muscle. “The end is also you know, muscle mass is important to avoid osteoporosis in later years and our bones are fragile,” he adds.

Her workout includes Pilates and P. Let’s get back to it now.

“I do a lot of Pilates,” says Jennifer. “I’m in a big Pilates phase. And I have my regular cross that I do in my training.” The VersaClimber uses a treadmill and mat work in about 45 to 60 minutes. “I also fell in love with P.volve.”

P.volve has become a new obsession due to an injury two years ago, which he shares. “The back injury was from a really complicated workout where there wasn’t one movement, a kick and a twist and a push and three exercises in one. I had a nine millimeter disc herniation, and I couldn’t move.”

He cured his behavior by moving his injury and avoiding a new one. Her fave workout tool to do that is the

Live works even when she is not feeling well.

Her tender: “Just do it.” Jennifer will say to herself, “I’m not great today. I’d be a little slower today.”

This document is learned the hard way. “When I worked really hard after a night of no sleep or not feeling well rested, and feeling immobile and pushed myself that leads to some injury,” said Jennifer. “I’m so prone to injuries that I’m always pushing myself. I’ve learned to pull back, do what you can do today. Learn to really listen to your body and not think you can be destroyed.”

Lives likes legs and working on triremes.

It is difficult to choose one, but the legs are the first muscle group that comes to mind when asked what his favorite area to exercise is. “What’s my favorite? How do I choose? Oh my goodness. My legs. Squats.”

But she really enjoys the discipline. (And, he pointed out.) “I mean, I love everything because you have a whole body, you can’t just pick one part, not a company spot,” says Jennifer. “I’d rather say all lizards are created equal. I love them all.”

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