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The Jamaican Pegasus hotel has recently renovated its pool, pool bar, and lounge and is officially open to rave reviews, beautiful murals, exquisite water features, and a lounge bar. The extensive expertise and resources required to create this boho chic design inspired the hotel’s interior designer, Jacqueline Hendrickson.

“For the Pegasus pool, I decided to go boho chic and use Jamaican wicker in the design,” Hendrickson said. Sunday GleanerI went quickly to the heart of the plan.

“We made the first major design choice after determining the layout of the floor sessions, the bar, the pool, and the roof tiles. This would be the basis of everything. Choosing a neutral pallet and slanted tiles that had a modern look and colors was the next step,” he shared.

For the pool, she, along with her team, went with the traditional hyacinth on the pool tiles, but included a more modern design that could match the classic and timeless nature of the hotel. They debated whether to keep the fountain’s signature. With a vote more focused on restoring it to its iconic and historical value, the fountain has been given a modern facelift.

“Afterwards, I searched online and went step-by-step with the brick to create the wow factor. Knowing that I wanted to incorporate Jamaican Accents and Art, I went with accent tiles sourced locally from Creative Building. An exquisite wicker light fixture. I used Jamaican ceramic art by various artists as well as botanical plants from Fort George. I do a lot of shopping locally, so I buy things that I like and finally mix them in,” he revealed.

He asked his friend for his expertise in garden mural art. The doctor, who wishes to remain anonymous, uses art for therapy and is happy to create amazing masterpieces for those around him.

With all his knowledge and skill, you’d think Hendrickson was born and bred in interior design. It was the opposite. She graduated from Florida International University in 1982, studying information systems management.

He got his start in the hotel industry back in 1983 in the purchasing department. Along the way, she fell in love and married Kevin Hendrickson in 1986 and had three children, Melissa, Katherine and Alexander. He now has four grandchildren.

His day job these days is more aligned with the sweet. “My current job is with the bakery division [at] Flavor Bakery Now the only plan is to work in the hotel when needed,” he added.

So how exactly does the business of interior design come into play? helping out in the field and later shouldering responsibility for more projects. “Up until the age of 10, Nell Hendrickson was doing hotel interiors. I was helping her, but she was a designer. Little by little he began to give me latitude in choosing colors and fabrics, for example. But I kept his main plan because I was not yet sure of my choice of plan.


Hendrickson found that, while on his creative journey, he would write off the expertise of others, only to be frustrated with the outcome. “I tried architects and landscape architects, but something was always missing in the design. I will do so myself,” he said.

What he later achieved officially was the reflection of someone who not only understood the work and technical machinery necessary for planning, but also who knew the day-to-day running of the hotel.

“The hotel industry is a specific and unique system of interior design. A successful hotel designer has to have hotel experience. It is necessary to understand the details and logistics related to movement, timing, guests, preferences, cost, staff requirements, and overall comfort and efficiency, while maintaining a look and feel that is comfortable, welcoming and special. At the same time, they must be practical, providing easy maintenance and easy movement for both individual guests and groups.”

Renewal companies have experienced their fair share of difficulties, but they must be resolved. With a time limit of about two months, the supply chain became a major hurdle to jump during the construction process.

“The overall results were better than I expected, and I am proud of the results. The team really worked hard to develop the vision both aesthetically and functionally. The engineers did a great job as this is really the basis for the design. Finishers such as drywall, painters, tilers, wallpaper, welders, and electricians also made the space first class. I love that place where the guests are comfortable and get a great vibe. I hope all team members are proud to work there. And now I turn to the operations of feeding, caring for, and keeping my guests happy. It was a huge project, and everyone played their part well.

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