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I needed to talk to the test, so I called my mother.

I am acutely aware of the power of gut health. Growing up, it was drilled into me – my mum studied nutrition before becoming a licensed health coach, which meant I had the privilege of serving three gluten-free, sugar-free, paleo-adjacent meals a day.

Even now, after almost five years of being kicked out of the house, I still focus on weekly recipes and healthy episodes (I cry) Marcus Hyman) how politely I ignore it.

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While I appreciate the thought and certainly see the benefit in prioritizing gut health, sometimes I’m just too busy to do it. When my schedule gets especially packed, I turn to something I call “the staple” – when I feed myself in whatever recesses of my kitchen I can find, which usually means fish sticks, fruit popsicles, tomato soup, and a spoonful of canned peanut butter straight from the tub. .

The impact of this lifestyle can be felt almost immediately. Running only means added stress and not enough sleep, and like Kevin from eating alone at home surely it does not help any body. It’s a double whammy for the stomach ache. My skin is starting to break out, my immune system is flagging, I’m tired all the time and I have constant nausea lingering in the background.

Recently, after a long time shaving with wine and pasta filled holiday in Tasmania, I decided to finally listen to my mum and give me a week long stomach reset with help Beauty Chef.


Mom recommended all the usual things: getting a solid eight hours of sleep, trying to relax a little, avoiding alcohol, sugar, oil seeds, dairy and grains, and eating primarily whole foods, vegetables and meats.

Also, supplements – struggling for years malassezia They made me a real probiotic so I now take a mega-dose of probiotics daily. I still decided to add Beauty Chef’s Glomerity inner beauty essential powder and Boost collagen inner beauty for- tum Both are packed full of Flora Culture’s bio-fermented blend (as well as a whole host of other vitamins and nutrients), I figured they’d add a little extra oomph to my eight-long lifestyle transition.

My mum had a few other suggestions I was not expecting. She told me it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day, it’s not a good idea to drink a lot of water with food as it can dilute the stomach acid. The ritual of eating is also important.

“Create a mood,” he said. “Put the phone away.” Doing small things like setting a table with cute ceramics and glassware, eating slowly or putting on classical music can all help your parasympathetic nervous system relax, which makes it easier for the body to digest and absorb nutrients. “Being grateful for your food is good for your digestion because it puts you in a good state of mind,” he added.


Armed with more suggestions than I could manage, I took a realistic approach to my week. I’m sure I’ll go to bed early. I also took a break on days when I lost very few hours, which made a big difference in my industry. I made sure to get my Pilates classes in and even took a candlelight yoga class on Sunday night to help me relax before the week.

When it came to food, I made a point to eat it and sometimes with every meal. A typical day asked for something like a fruit, nut and almond latte for breakfast (I was always a light early morning eater), veggies with tofu and satay sauce for lunch, and Shakshuka, grilled salmon and cauliflower, or chicken tagine for lunch. While the food choices were a bit restrictive and I was craving my chemical Coke Zeros, I was still able to make a lot of yummy things when it came down to it.

I enjoyed the cooking process as well. Because I had to work a little more to make it taste delicious in limited ingredients, I spent more time in the kitchen playing with spices, peeled carrots and shrimps. I found this work to be quiet, and I appreciated myself much more than eating like an animal at the pump.

While I’m not sure a week was enough time to fully fix everything I wanted in my stomach, I did notice a change. My skin looked a little more hydrated, my body felt less drained and it became easier to get up in the morning.

It’s easy to forget that everything in our body is interconnected when we run into smoke. When I took a moment to slow down and focus on my gut health, I realized how much good they can be. Maybe Mummy was right all along.

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