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published on April 7, 2023 |
by Jimmy Star

Niki J. Borger is a multi-award-winning actress, screenwriter, and producer who grew up in the German countryside and is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and German. She moved to the US in September 2018 to pursue her passion for a career in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

“As a cosmopolitan I believe, we live in one world and every animal has a unique purpose in it. Through my work and the way I live, I want to inspire others, it’s so much more possible than some people think. For everyone.” -Niki J. Borger

She is the co-founder of FireWolf Entertainment, a production company based in Oklahoma and Burbank, California. FireWolf Entertainment specializes in telling compelling stories in the genre of fantasy and action, like Game of Thrones or Marvel Cinematic Universe. The company is different in that they create characters and story arcs that are much more real and relatable than most other films in the genre, and take the characters deeper into their psychology, mindsets, beliefs and factors to see what makes them human (or not). The stories we work with at FireWolf Entertainment can be difficult and dark along the way, but the results are uplifting and inspiring.

What led to the decision to produce the company?

My business partner Matt Coulson, a fellow actor, and I started working in Hollywood around the same time. We were quickly disappointed when we had access to the services. They felt very stereotypical and flat, with little authenticity or novelty about them.

The roles that motivated us to come to Hollywood in the first place went directly to only the big casting agencies. Never published, we could not even relate to them. That’s frustrating!

Then the pandemic hit, and suddenly we had more time on our hands. So we decided to develop the stories and characters we want to see on screen and in action.

I love stories that are fun to watch without being frivolous. I love seeing real characters go through profound transformations, rather than rehashing stereotypes. I love seeing different characters in story arcs that traditional Hollywood storytellers wouldn’t have. And I just love to see different stories, so watch all the movies and resonate when they can. We try to do that with our projects.

What projects is your production company currently involved in?

FireWolf Entertainment is currently working on several projects in the fantasy and superhero genre, as well as a sitcom.

“Get Married” is a sitcom about a woman winemaker and a shrewd accountant who get married – and convince everyone they are happily married – or lose everything they’ve worked for. A story from the main advice given to me when I decided I wanted to build a career here in Hollywood: get married so I don’t have to worry about visas! For me it was never an option. As a rule I book or nothing. But the sitcom has fun instead, so we developed it.

The fantastic series that we have created are all part of the Ascension franchise, a cinematic universe based on an assumption, all real and interconnected mythology. Three series were fully developed: “The Last Asgardian,” set in Iron Age Scandinavia, “The Turn of the Tides,” the story of two African-American pirates set adrift in America in 1798, and “The Amazon Queen,” cast in bronze. age of Turkey There will be more to come!

Do you have a favorite type of movie, if so, what is it and why?

I love comedy! It’s just so much fun and a great way to wear a pair every day. It helps me to put my struggles in perspective and be easy about it. I’m also a huge fan of fantasy and superhero movies. I would love to live in these worlds, pretending, and we can’t really make people do it. To me, there is something very empowering and empowering about creativity in that way.

When acting and directing and writing your own films, what do you think are the biggest challenges you have to overcome?

For me the talent of acting and writing goes together very easily. First of all, because these two things take place at different levels of production. By creating the character myself, I understand very well what is really going on with her, what she does, and why she acts the way she does.

It’s a tougher way to combine acting and directing, and I don’t do what I like the most. The opinions between the two could not be more different. The actor must be in the moment, fully involved in the imaginative story. When you do that, put everything else to your mind. It is exactly the opposite. Directors pull all the strings together and make sure that the big picture works as well as possible. That is why I try to act and govern at the same time. Mine definitely works when I do both. But sometimes it’s still best to do it for production.

If you could choose your power, what would it be and why?

I can love to fly, I think it can be really fun!

Is it the moment that your entire life trajectory changes?

There have been many defining moments in my life that lead to me being in Hollywood and pursuing acting. After all, this is so far from where I come, both physically and metaphorically, that it takes a lot for me to be here.

One defining moment was in college. I was studying political science and management at the University of Constantin in Germany. I considered the Ivy League program, but I only did it to make my family proud and to fulfill my mission of getting a good college degree. I had to stop almost all my artistic activities because of the workload. Eventually, my back became infected and it turned out that I had a herniated disc. I could no longer stand, walk or sit without severe pain. The doctors said it was so bad that I would never be able to dance again. That was the moment! Never dance again – not an option! Lucky enough, I found a wonderful therapist who opened my eyes to the connection between bodies, thoughts and emotions. I figured my first goal should be to be happy. That happened when I decided to pursue an art career as soon as I finished my master’s degree. As the thoughts and emotions unfolded, my body began to heal. Today, I see that my health indicates that I am on the right track.

How do you do?

Enjoy, more than anything. I want to be happy! I also like to inspire and enrich others. So, I try to lead by example, talk, walk, you know. Most people I know only allow themselves more than they can afford. I hope they believe they can be whoever they want to be. But to do it, I have to do it.

Knowing everything you know now, what advice do you want to give baby Niki?

Never leave the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket.

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