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Witness a seismic shift in the global fashion landscape as China and India join forces at the upcoming BRICS+ Fashion Summit, set to take place on November 28. Marking the convergence of more than 200 fashion realm visionaries from over 60 countries, this summit transcends all boundaries. Picture this—a gathering that’s more than mere industry heads; it’s a magnet for the pulse of fashion, bringing together the stalwarts and also a formidable contingent of nearly 150 emerging designers with strong local national identities from many countries. Their collective focus? To delve into the contours of a unified BRICS+ fashion market—an initiative spurred by the desire to diversify markets from the current worldwide status quo that has dominated global industry for decades. Participating nations like Brazil, India, China, Turkey, Indonesia, UAE and South Africa will come together to carve out their roles as industry leaders in their own rights.

This isn’t your typical business symposium; it’s a melting pot of global dynamism. Beyond the customary panel discussions lies a spectacle where the runway becomes the canvas for visionaries like Chen Yu from China and the illustrious David Tlale from South Africa. India adds its vibrant hues to this global palette with the quartet of Shruti Sancheti, Gaurav Khanijo, Naushad Ali, and Ritesh Kumar. Russia presents the colorful fairy tales of Alena Akhmadullina. Yet, it’s not just about the fashion elite; it’s a platform that nurtures emerging talent, drawing in aspiring designers and fashion students from around the globe. With an educational program curated by professors representing 10 nations, including fashion powerhouses like India, China, and the UK, and a spotlight cast by journalists hailing from 30 countries, this summit beckons as a pivotal moment for the emerging design cohort.

India, traveling with the most representative delegation of over 50 individuals, takes center stage at this global forum, armed with a transformative agenda on sustainable fashion. The country’s commitment to sustainability was underscored by the launch of Project SU.RE—an ambitious initiative heralding a shift towards eco-conscious fashion. Led by the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI) and supported by the United Nations in India and IMG Reliance, Project SU.RE stands as a beacon of India’s dedication to a cleaner, greener future in fashion. The chief executives of CMAI are the keynote speakers at the BRICS+ Fashion Summit. 

The SU.RE Project embodies a resolute step by India’s apparel industry to pave a sustainable pathway. It’s not just a commitment but a movement—SU.RE, standing for ‘Sustainable Resolution,’ reflects a collective pledge to fashion that harmonizes with the environment.

India’s Minister for Textiles, Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani, expressed pride in the industry’s initiative, linking it to Mahatma Gandhi’s ethos of being the change one wishes to see in the world. She emphasized the significance of responsible consumption, aligning business with sustainability, and cited a notable consumer trend—sustainability ranking as the fourth criterion in purchasing decisions.

Rahul Mehta, Chief Mentor and ex-President of CMAI, acknowledged the industry’s past shortcomings and celebrated the proactive commitment to sustainable fashion, considering it a pivotal moment for the apparel industry in India.

At the BRICS+ Fashion Summit in Moscow, India’s delegation plans to champion this sustainable narrative, leading discussions on eco-conscious manufacturing processes and materials. India’s proactive steps are poised to challenge the status quo, especially concerning the rampant pollution in the textile industry.

While India brings its robust sustainable fashion agenda to the forefront, the summit becomes a stage for dialogue. It prompts a critical response from other participating nations, notably China. With India making significant strides toward sustainability, all eyes are on China’s response—a nation known for its substantial textile industry. Will China echo India’s commitment, or will its stance veer towards a different trajectory?

Russia’s significant investments in environmental agendas also draw attention, making the summit a crucial platform for nations to showcase their approaches. Discussions are anticipated to revolve around not just declarations but tangible progress—a litmus test for nations like India and China.

Fashion, as a barometer for governmental eco-agendas, embodies a crucial sector ripe for change. Governments possess the leverage to steer fashion toward sustainability—an industry where limitations on manufacturing processes can tangibly impact environmental outcomes.

The BRICS+ Fashion Summit will be a moment defining whether India and China can move beyond mere pledges, showcasing real progress. As the spotlight illuminates the fashion sphere, it sets the stage for these nations to showcase their resolve, not just in words but in actionable plans and results.

The launch of Project SU.RE, with its sixteen major brand signatories committing to sustainable sourcing and processes by 2025, serves as India’s rallying call to the world. It’s a challenge extended—a call to embrace sustainability and shift the paradigm in global fashion toward a cleaner, responsible future.

This summit, with India’s influential delegation shaping the agenda, isn’t merely about fashion; it’s a theater where sustainability takes center stage, beckoning nations to respond, discuss, and commit to a future that’s not just fashionable but also environmentally conscious. The stage is set for drama, dialogue, and, most importantly, a collective leap toward a greener fashion world.

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