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Mr.they possess road silos and vast fields of wheat a small boutique located in Rockford, Washington.

When you first step foot into Hurd Mercantile, the seemingly small store displays a vast selection of furniture, homewares, goods, gifts, jewelry and more, all organized by theme and aesthetic.

While Hurd Mercantile was operating in the late 1890s, current owner Jill Townsend purchased the building from the Hurd family in September 2000.

“Ms. Hurd was very particular about what the store sold,” Townsend said. “The store had been built from her house in 1896, so it was very emotional about who was going to continue. So I gave my idea to have a gift shop here with antiques and gifts, and I invited her to come see my little shop that I ran at a warehouse in Valleford. At the time, I was doing a lot of stuff, and he had a couple of new gifts that I brought, and he liked what he saw and bought me. The builder was very blessed that he chose me.”

To honor Hurd’s legacy at the property, Townsend kept the Hurd part of the business intact.

Hurd Mercantile contains more than 8,000 feet of inventory, but Townsend and his business partners organize the store in such a way that visitors stream through the shelves senselessly.

“My mother, growing up, was really into the old days and always had a beautiful house where she would mix a new bed with something old that might be inherited or found on a hunt. And so she just grew up like a mixed bag,” says Townsend.

“I just always had my dream of owning a shop,” he adds. “I would never buy anything that I didn’t want in my home.”


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220 N. Main St., Colfax, Washington

The eclectic and unique collection of furniture and clothing at Bully Nam makes it a fun destination for shoppers looking for some mystery.

“I definitely feel like the emphasis is on discovery,” says co-founder Austin Storm. “I hope it’s a place to walk around and see things, even if you’re not particularly shopping.”

Whether it’s vintage items or new items from brands Clay Barn, Anthropologie, J. Crew and more, owners Laura and Austin Storm provide diners with a memorable experience every day they walk through the door.

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2 Third St., Harrington, Washington

In the small rural town of Harrington, the Post Office & Community Service provides a one-stop shop for your coffee and gift shopping needs. Not surprisingly, the Post & Office building, built in 1902, was once home to Harrington’s actual office. In addition to a selection of small home decor gift-bags, including baskets, candles and lotions, owners Heather and Justin Slack offer a space to enjoy a variety of coffee shop drinks, snacks, baked goods, and lunch and dinner items. high ceiling vintage room.


107 Third St., Harrington, Washington

Another brought about the restoration of Harrington’s downtown Mercantile. The mercantile carries a variety of brand names including clothing from owner Julia Jacobsen’s line, Ag Swag, giving people a way to show off their love of the farm life and spark conversations around the theme.

The mercantile opened in early March, and Jacobsen was excited to provide the town with clothing and gift items from local stores. The store also plans to offer a variety of fresh foods and take-and-bake products, and once a week it will serve mini donuts to make the shopping experience exciting.

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