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Before being indirectly responsible for making Film Twitter’s most loyal (and possibly toxic) fantasy director one of DC’s biggest projects; zack snyder other types of films are made. All of them were famous or infamous in some way. There was an uproar every time a director was announced for the next Hollywood original film, franchise or not. He was from the beginning an original producer who always made sure that the cinematic language was imprinted in the final cut, and he made original films.

But what is curious about the first steps of the industry, the very first mover is not 100% original product. For some, Snyder’s first foray into feature film is distasteful. In the early 2000s, any director, any studio, or even anyone working, participating in some way in a remake or reboot, were victims of inexplicable hatred and rejection from purists and general audiences alike. The ’90s saw two notoriously panned remakes of classic ’60s films – Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. They are generally seen as cheap repairs and are likely to be missing from 2000.

Fortunately, another film by George Romero helped change that perception. Zack Snyder’s presentation of the show The dawn of the dead It is a film that could not suffer this flattery. It’s a great modernization of George A. Romero’s original concept, and it’s a fantastic action movie for new audiences who were really hungry for genre mashups.

Here’s how the frenzied horror and comic book enthusiasts included everyone while reforming what the original movie looked like, but also changed the zombie genre enough to pave the way for future filmmakers and audiences who were looking for yes, yes, a lot of credit. a variation on “watching slow living dead dudes suck on your brain.”

Zombie Rules are changing

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Just watching the first 15 minutes of the Snyder cut The dawn of the dead (what did we do there?) you may notice that you are seeing a different movie than 1) what you thought you were going to see, 2) every other American movie that has come out in the last 20 years. It’s as pure as it gets.

Snyder’s undead are fast, aggressive, and very violent, bringing a fast ‘infected’ killer from England. 28 days later (which are arguably not zombies in the usual sense). Sometimes Snyder’s immortals can even seem to agree with each other on how to fight with the characters of our loved ones who are caught in the market.

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Thus, as by doing this, we will be honest, having a stroke of luck with the audience in favor of change; The dawn of the dead A strong reaction is guaranteed. The greatest twist in the world Romero created and composed for the entire weekend. This proved that changes to a classic movie can be OK, and it does slightly retouch details that people remember changing. It was also a dangerous mass, of course, but Snyder was smart in his decisions to assemble a strong number of lead characters that supported the film until the end. It was some kind of performance.

The first and most important step has been taken. A fantastic opening scene and credits also helped to make Snyder’s film simply interesting at a time when zombie films were not very popular and horror fans did not want to accept the debut of changing the rules of the genre they loved and replacing the classic cult. The edges were closed on the side of the box-office.

Studio Executives Exhaled In Relief And they noticed

Dawn of the Dead (2004)
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Snyder’s goods were expected from the start. The universe immediately got on board with the way to hook the audience to the upcoming 10-minute opening scene on cable shows days before their theatrical release. The people became flabbergasted and hungry after they saw what little business there was in them. The director took a break, and the producers got a big wallet as the film recovered its budget in the opening weekend when it took off the most popular. Passion of Christ from one place. Even from the story that Few of them had been so successful as this one. With horror it was less likely.

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And all the rules are changing down. The main character was the strongest female nurse ever seen, the humor was bleak and irreverent, and the graphic violence inevitably went to shots of flesh-eating zombies. He published among the remains in The dawn of the dead The plot moved forward and proved that Snyder would actually direct the film and give it some identity.

The guy didn’t remake anything after this (we’re not counting the DC stuff), but that didn’t mean he couldn’t take the iconic horror and make his own version of it if he did. The executives gave him the freedom to do what he liked best and he followed up with another iconic brand 300.

Maybe we’re blasphemous, but it’s 2004 The dawn of the dead could forget what you saw in 1978, if only for two hours. Not so much a horror movie with a heavy social commentary, but an action movie with characters that you care about if they are being played or not. Only a zombie movie can make you do that, and certainly not many horror movies. Hollywood has noticed, and now shows often “Best of” lists. Talk about a successful debut.

Zack Snyder’s 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead is available to stream or buy on Prime Video.

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