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The Indian lifestyle and lifestyle has undergone a dramatic change since the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Not only did he put a huge focus on health and financial resources, but he also taught people that life is precious and short and that only with conscious practices can we make the world a better place to live.

Today, people have become more aware of their surroundings and their purchasing power. They perceive the importance of living in the moment as a wanderer in all around us. This is totally impacting the lifestyle industry. In addition, there has been an increase in the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products. These trends have been driven by a number of factors, including the wedding boom, the growth of health and beauty startups, and the increased availability of external assistance and advice to help businesses grow.

New Wedding Trends

Weddings have always been a central and integral part of the brand’s lifestyle and one of the most significant changes observed in the Indian fashion and lifestyle industry is the post-covid wedding boom. Previously, the wedding season used to be limited to the months between September and January. But now we see that weddings are held throughout the year, and this has given the demand for wedding couture that is less time-consuming and versatile. Brands that cater to this demand by offering pieces without content that can carry around for years are seeing increased sales and growth.

Due to the unpredictability of health and the environment, many people began to host smaller, more familiar weddings. This has led to a huge opportunity for Indian media brands to capitalize on, as people are looking for more sustainable and eco-friendly options for their weddings.

Increased focus on Sustainability.

An important factor that has driven the change in the Indian fashion and lifestyle industry is the growing concern for sustainable fashion. As people become more aware of global environmental factors, they are turning to more sustainable options when it comes to manufacturing. The slow method, which promotes the use of eco-friendly materials and ethical production practices, is gaining popularity. Several brands are promoting lens fashion and even veganism in their accessories, which are well received by consumers.

In fact, the trend of consumer ethical practices is now setting industry standards and business owners are incorporating them into every aspect of their business processes.

A Rise in Women’s Leadership

In the world after covid, if there is one concept that has emerged even more beautiful if not already more and more women have come to the forefront to innovate new ideas across industries, but especially within the lifestyle sector.

We are seeing a rise in health and beauty businesses and beauty led start-ups. These were growing significantly as women got the opportunity or flexibility to start a domestic business during the pandemic, which was not the case before when people thought that big business investments were the way to go. The pandemic has taught aspiring business owners that starting small can also be a great way to lead big, and it’s a force of influence through many of the brands that have grown to succeed today’s great leaders. Additionally, it is surprising to see that most of these pandemic businesses have a greater focus on natural and organic materials while building their properties.

Improved Editing Power

While the pandemic was a tough time for many businesses, it was probably booming at other times. It was almost as if the entire business ecosystem was shedding its old skin to welcome the new. In this process, following massive economic growth leading to higher purchasing power.

Not only this, people have also learned the importance of living in the moment and how they can do better for themselves and their loved ones. They have become more knowledgeable about the supply and the supply and the product market, or even about the product itself. This led to a conscious purchase, and today, people are willing to spend more on products that are of good quality, have great design, and offer value for money.

Business owners are open to fresh ideas that thrive on growth

While the pandemic has taught us many lessons, it has opened doors for business organizations to organize and align practices to accommodate the influx of revenue. Finally, many entrepreneurs are now open to external help and advice to get their business off the ground. Many brands are now building their businesses and planning their post-covid plans. These include establishing seamless e-commerce platforms, efficient delivery, personalized services, and scaling across the country, and to major brands, across the globe.

Hence, in many ways, the Indian lifestyle and industry has undergone a significant change post-covid leading to a change in consumer behavior and the industry has responded by offering sustainable, eco-friendly, and value-driven products.



The views expressed above are the author’s own.


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