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Get the popcorn ready. Oscar fever is a year-round situation an over-the-top vacation home in Florida

“I’m pretty familiar with Hollywood, and this is like walking into the Oscars,” says the listing agent Edward Johnston. “When you act, Oscar is literally leaving the front and just sets the scene with the red carpet.”

Buyer looking for quasi-celebrity vibes in Central Florida, VIP Hollywood, Experience the mansion Davenport, FLIt was sold for $11.75 million.

“When you walk in, it’s like Hollywood Boulevard with all the different star names literally on the floor,” says Johnston.

Oscar with extra forehead


just an entry


the kitchen

DeVore Design

All 14,297 square feet of the massive residence are movie-themed, including 20 individual bedrooms—with en-suite bathrooms.

Movie buffs love technology that echoes the cinematic theme.

“Walk into the rock room, open the door, and chant ‘Rock,'” Johnston said. “If you walk into the Batman room, it’s playing music.”

Don’t worry, though, the music will soon follow.

“He doesn’t play all night,” Johnston laughs.

Two bedroom escape rooms with “Star Wars” and “The Lion King” themes, perfect for children of all ages.

“The Wizard of Oz”-themed room

DeVore Design

“Godfather”-lemmed room


bowling tight




In fact, there is a basketball court, a basketball court, a bowling alley, a game room, and, of course, a courtroom.

Home is “your experience,” says Johnston. “You stay there, you have everything you need, and you don’t own a property. All your amenities are there.”

Outside, the Hollywood theme continues, and there’s plenty of space around the pool and lazy river to soak up the Florida sun or grab a drink at the tiki bar.

“Every time I’m there I can honestly say I see something new,” Johnston said. “You can be in different parts of the house and fall in love with certain things.”

Befitting a house that can accommodate many families, the kitchen is very large. Four double armature Sub-Noles, two crimsons, two double ovens, and a wine cooler.

The nearby dining room provides seating for 37 and is located near the living areas.

“The living room has an LED-panel movie theater where the entire wall is a screen,” Johnston explains.

Living space


Pool with outdoor screen


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