Historic Victoria Featured in ‘If Walls Could Talk’ Offers a Rabbit at a Great Price

Victorian history in Salem, OHIt has had only a few owners since it was built in 1895. But the house comes with loads of stories.

The 18-room house Listed at $349,000 and after only 17 days on the market, the property is pending sale.

The sellers “only have four owners, so that shows you the house has a lot of character, and people who have owned it for a lot of times,” says the listing agent. Matt Heikkinen, with Nexthome Go30 Realty. “It is one of the gems of the whole region.”

The legendary house was also featured on HGTV’s “If Walls Could Talk.”




Angela March

dining room

Angela March

Heikkinen says that the house was originally a wedding of a real estate and steel baron for his sister and her fiance.

The square foot home has four bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and many unusual features.

“It has many qualities – like there are some rooms that you don’t want to see in a modern house,” like the terrace between the first and second floor levels in the harbors, Heikkinen says. “It’s a big place that allows everything in this light. It has two walls that have glass windows and a glass ceiling with wooden ceilings.

There is another bedroom with a sink under the main stairs. Thus the people who harassed the horses and coaches could clean up before entering the house.

It’s also perfect for vintage parties.

“The whole third floor is awesome for entertainment, even in today’s world,” Heikkinen says. “It was the first place the giants called the ballroom; and they would have parties, and a dance would take place. Today, the bedroom rec.

rec room

Angela March


Angela March

in the bathroom

Angela March

The old rope and pulley that once lifted the grand piano up to the third floor is still there, although the piano is not.

“I was told that one of the owners was having trouble” [the piano] Get up there … and he told her to help him with an ax and throw her out the window because her husband didn’t want to take her off,” Heikkinen laughs. “SW [the husband] he left one day, and did so while he was gone. It’s one of the cool house stories.”

Another interesting detail involves the address card, which is original.

“In the dining room, the wallpaper is painted” Charleston, SCin the mid to late 1800s and business took place through the port,” explains Heikkinen. “You see all the ships and bays and some work going on at the time.”

There is also an original film in the foyer.

“The historic painter found some kind of wallpaper in the house and put a value on it,” he says, noting that the previous owner paid up to $200,000.

The country has several stories, but potential buyers will be relieved to learn there are no shadows or rooms to wrap around.

the kitchen

Angela March


Angela March

wallpaper walls

Angela March

Heikkinen says the current owners have made some renovations to the house but haven’t gone much further.

“They bought a very nice property that didn’t mess with the historic integrity of the house,” he says. “He bought what was a historic house. He talked to them.

Heikkinen says the house would be great as a single-family residence, or as a rental or bed and breakfast.

“There are some features that need to be done to bring it up to this generation, but still maintain the integrity and historical value of the house,” he says. “Finding homes that are in such great condition, with so many high-end brands that haven’t been traveled in years, is hard to find. There are fewer and fewer of those types of properties out there.

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