Greenbutts will be Featured in the Award-Winning Documentary Series ‘Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid’

SAN DIEGO, April 4, 2023 /CNW/ – Greenbutts LLC (“Greenbutts™” or the “Company”), a leader in biodegradable filtration technology, has been featured in an award-winning documentary series. Point of view with Velleius Quaid. A long running streak of winning the award, hosted by a well-known actor Velleius Quaidproduces educational documentaries on a wide range of topics including business and technology – with a focus on innovation around the world. Viewpoint is distributed nationwide in United States through public television stations and major networks; including but not limited to CNBC, FOX Business, Bloomberg TV, Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic and HLN and it was broadcast to over 60 million families United States.

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The document highlights the value of Greenbutts by raising awareness about the most common plastic in the world – cigarette filters. In the national spotlight, Greenbutts aims to educate the public about the availability of our commercial technology to replace trillions of these ocean-bound materials every year, every year, with a plant-based and certified biodegradable method – leaving no harmful plastic waste.

Greenbutts is a new category leader in biodegradable filtration technology and new, sustainable alternatives to harmful single-use materials, patented under an extensive IP platform. Combining the unique properties of plant fibers, Greenbutts allows global manufacturing partners to support the transition from cellulose acetate – the synthetic plastic used in the filter. Without compromising on performance or customer expectations, innovation can be implemented for scalable adoption and measurable impact.

“We’re excited to have Greenbutts featured in this latest ‘Viewpoint with Velleius Quaid“Brief documents and the ability to highlight not only the huge problem of single-use plastic litter in our environment, but also the steps Greenbutts has taken to help solve this problem for the cigarette industry.”

About Point of view with Velleius Quaid

Point of view with Velleius Quaid is an award-winning television program created to educate television audiences. The show is created by a veteran team of tenured producers, writers, editors, and imaging experts with over 100 years of cumulative experience.

Of the Greenbutts

Since 2010, Greenbutts has worked with R&D institutions, multinational tobacco companies, and industry experts to develop natural filter technology, suitable for replacing plastic in the world, cigarette filters. The company is actively involved in the global commercialization of its proprietary, plastic-free and materials technology driven by the new Single Use Plastic (SUP) legislation being pushed by governments; Greenbutts™The global industry is filling demand for biodegradable filters. It uses fully patented material science technology and is biodegradable, plastic-free, and water-dispersed; It has decided to reduce the significant environmental impact caused by plastic filter pollution. The Company’s sustainable filter technology design includes a natural, fast-absorbing cigarette filter using a proprietary blend of food-grade fiber materials. The unique blend of materials is designed to provide a similar sensory experience to the customer and filter manufacturing process as acetate filters and provide a seamless transition from plastic filters to the global tobacco industry. Greenbutts filters will disperse in water within a few minutes and decompose into compost within days, as opposed to 10-15 years as is the case with traditional cellulose acetate. Greenbutts’ natural filter technology is fully disclosed in the US, UK; Canada and pending in additional regions, covering key geographies in the cigarette industry. Greenbutts’ fully transparent biodegradable filter is one of a kind and solves a major pain-point that multinational producers are struggling with: the work of another filter without affecting the senses, taste, or customer experience. Company trademarked Greenbutts™ It delivers a similar sensory experience to traditional cigarette filters without leaving plastic waste, offering a viable alternative to plastic filters while meeting new SUP legislation initiatives.

The full video can be seen by visiting: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BY5_-3vtYdE

For more information about Greenbutts, please visit www.greenbutts.com

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