Graduate student in Social Work receives Minton Award

Lindsey Powell, a Social Work student from Versailles, is the 2022-23 recipient of WKU’s John D. Minton Graduate Student Award.

“Receiving this award is such an honor. I am extremely grateful for the support I received at WKU in both my graduate and undergraduate careers, especially from my graduate mentor Dr. Augustine Griffiths and Dr. Sarah Bonis of the Department of Psychology, and the honors of Mahurin College,” Powell said.

“Working as a Graduate Research Fellow at the LifeSkills Center for Child Welfare Education and Research (LCCWEAR) has helped me grow in ways I never could have imagined. My mentor, Dr. Griffiths, the Center, and the Department of Social Work provided me with a graduate school experience that was by far the most valuable. It exceeded my expectations. Dr. Griffiths is an incredible mentor who has my utmost respect for her tireless work on behalf of her students and the child welfare community. During my time at LCCWEAR, I was able to be an integral part of a renowned applied research study that deeply influences advocacy efforts for frontline child welfare workers. which is a community that deserves recognition and recognition. In addition, my program provided me with opportunities to serve within and outside of the university, including substance abuse treatment, public schools, and mental health. The Department of Social Work and LCCWEAR accepted me as a student and molded me into a true scholar. Because of my investment in myself, I continue to invest in families and communities in Kentucky. I am most grateful to my family, Dr. Griffith, and to the social side of the work.

Dr. Austin Griffiths, director of LCCWEAR, said: “Lindsey Powell is clearly driven to improve the lives of others and serve in her community. For the past two years as a graduate student at WKU, she has been an active participant in a new research study that will gain international attention. Her advanced skills, faith and determination were the catalyst for the completion of this institute’s letter, using wearable biometric technology to collect physiological evidence of work-related stress on the frontline of child welfare workers in Kentucky. He was vital in all areas, including research facilities, data collection, data analysis, manuscript preparation and development, and dissemination of knowledge , collaborative meetings, collective advocacy, etc. In this very serious and hard study, Lindsey has repeatedly proven that he has attention to detail, gray, integrity, and the proposal to deliver continuously in a large environment – while successfully managing everything else that life throws at a graduate student. Lindsey is also an excellent student and has actively contributed to the betterment of the community through her involvement with Globe Schools and Haven4Change City Green. It has been an honor to work with Lindsey, and I look forward to the next steps in her professional career.”

Dr. Sarah Bonis, Assistant Professor of Psychology, said: “In the area of ​​social sciences, it often takes a long time for a project to be completed and disseminated. For Lindsey to have contributed to four public reviews and during two years of graduate school researched peer presentations for two years is really important and the scholarly pace is consistent with a tenure-track faculty member or beyond. In addition to his scholarly publications, Lindsey has devoted himself to turning research into pieces usable for policy and practice, including technical reports, policy briefs, community presentations, and media.”

Powell will be recognized during the Graduate Student Appreciation Week event on Zoom at 4 p.m. April 21 and part of WKU’s Spring 2023 Commencement at 6:30 p.m. May 4 at Houchens Industry-LT Smith Stadium.

The Minton Award, the school’s top awardee, is named after Dr. John D. Minton, who was a professor of history and WKU’s first graduate dean, and served as vice president for administrative affairs and WKU’s fifth president.

Contact: Graduate School, (270) 745-2446


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