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Nigeria the people and their leaders are of the political race. Politicians are masking their intentions but they want good. They imagine that they are serving the interests of the people while they are serving their own interests. And while men have their eyes open, they see no further than their noses. A country in which many love to live well at once, but detest hard work, the country of the Epicureans, the town of dreamers and jokers, and the land without building the future. Political leaders understood this very philosophy and used it to protect their citizens and perpetuate poverty among the people.

In Nigeria, many want instant gratifications that are not based on quality of life for the present and the future. This is what the former governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, described as a “stomach infrastructure”. The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu, also alluded to this principle when he said that all you need to do is give the citizens a momentary sense of achievement and preservation, offer them “ewa”, “agbado”. bread, and other common food.

In various ways, these expressions portray ordinary politicians as people who can be easily deceived. The words used by politicians represent predatory ways to oppress the masses. These representations and perceptions feed political slander, dishonesty, corruption and a lack of commitment among politicians to improve the social and economic conditions of citizens. They also highlight the unequal power relationship between people and politicians.

For many years, politicians have adopted inconsistent arrangements to manage the constant demands from citizens for a better quality of life. Unfortunately, what people get in return are ruined lives that are short lived and end tragically soon after each election. Unfortunately, many do not pay attention to the hollow promises made by political leaders. The politics of “stomach infrastructure” has many flaws. People who receive immediate incentives from politicians to understand that their lives will be better in the future are naive. That being the case, they leave their fate to politicians who have no integrity or good ethical behavior.

To think now of a good life without the quality of life that one is going to live in the future is to aspire to a life of false and unstable life. The decision that voters make on Election Day will have consequences for the quality of life that will be lived for years and decades to come. No one should ever be deceived or pushed away by promises of a better life in the indefinite future.

Accepting introductions from political candidates is not inappropriate, unethical, or careless. Of course, it is easy to understand why they would prefer to receive a crumb of bread today to ward off hunger rather than the approved politicians who will help to improve the quality of life for many years to come.

At all times, politicians are elected because of their proven ability to lead, govern, and to verify and achieve practical results. They are also selected based on their deep knowledge, diverse skills, experience and ability to manage effectively. Anything else that is not suitable can be included as part of the brand of men and women, good awareness of funnels and strategies for a positive future mental outlook.

Every political induction has a short duration. The benefits, if they have any value, are immediately extinguished after the political “carrots” are consumed. Then the voters, who had received gifts, return to a state of poverty. and the politicians, who provided the incentives, were sitting down to plunder the treasury. After they were appointed, the politicians were intrigued by the way they spent the money to recover the election campaign. Politicians have an understanding of throwing money around in elections, whatever is spent must be immediately received in office.

This is one way in which politicians have been raised to a new art form of stealing. As they say, lunch is not free. The economic resources of many people, including their health, safety, security, and safety will be lost. The long term impact of the vote will be felt.

As suspicions grow, it is necessary because the funds and other resources that were invested in the arms of the question were misused and the projects turned to futility.

When the quality of teaching, research and learning in public universities deteriorates, it is necessary because the money that could have been used to upgrade the facilities and services is inappropriately used to win thousands of people through the agency to vote in elections.

When the public hospitals collapsed, the health needs of the citizens were neglected, because the money that could have been used to improve the quality of the health service was misused. In this environment, ordinary citizens constantly struggle to overcome poverty, economic hardship, a life of social deprivation and despair. It is clear from this that vote buying undermines rather than enhances the political process, the quality of the politicians who are elected to govern, and the quality of government.

Challenges against Nigeria have multiplied. There are leadership issues. There are government constitutions. There are also political, economic, educational, social, technological and structural problems. Certainly, Nigeria needs a new direction and a new team of dynamic leaders who are committed to national development through the application of modern science, medicine and technology to significantly grow the economy.

For many years, Nigeria was considered a continental leader. That profile is messed up. In the state of the country, there is no political leadership, no political government that enjoys respect in the global community, and Nigerians are being treated as criminals in various parts of the world. Many African nations no longer see Nigeria through a lens that portrays a nation as strong and powerful. How could such a large continent’s elephant be overwhelmed in such a short time? How is Nigeria playing at intermediate level meetings?

There are so many things that mock Nigeria even as it continues to claim continental dominance. A country that lacks the ability to have free, fair, peaceful, transparent procedures, and credible elections to elect political leaders, has no moral reason not to claim unworthy titles.

On the ground, the economy has been bad for a long time. Every institution has failed in its first purpose. The public and private sectors, public businesses, civil servants, the higher education sector, and indeed the entire society are subject. These show how low the country has sunk. But, in the best of times and the worst of times, the attitude of people is that life goes on. No nation gives in to any challenges.

It is true that all is not well with Nigeria. There is no indication when he will rise again from the country. There is no sign that things are going right in the country. Everyone is hanging on to hope.

While politicians attract people with money, food and other incentives, it is important to remember that life is much more than money, especially money that has been acquired illegally. The government does not care how much money politicians get out of elections. It’s more about how people’s lives get better or worse over a period of time.

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