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Full Ammo Improv, a student group at Penn State, offers its tight-knit community for students to immerse themselves in comedy.

Julia Lux, president of Fuller’s Ammo Improv, said she thinks it’s been a “weird” club for as many years as it has been.

“I think most schools have better teams that come and go really quickly, because once it changes, it’s kind of a different experience,” Lux said.

Light said the group puts on informal shows every two or three weekends.

“Most of our shows are very small, and we don’t always even know that we have a show,” Lux said. “It’s more d-ing around and playing that’s improv.”

According to Light, an audition is not required, but members are required to attend two of the four meetings leading up to the show if they wish to participate.

On March 31 and April 1, Full Ammo Festival celebrated its eleventh annual “RAWR”, the best comedy festival leading in various workshops and shows from different groups.

“[RAWR] “For the first time all year, we’ve been pretty serious about doing well,” Light said. “We have friends of ours who are returning students, and we don’t want to be like, ‘Wow, you guys really slipped.’

He was part of the band for four years. He said that since his first year, he has always felt accepted in the organization.

“When I was a freshman, the president was always really good at doing it.” [me] they feel enclosed,” Light said. “I thought it was cool.”

Light said there is a lot of philosophy and structure that goes into getting better, and learning is enjoyed by people who join the group.

“Improv is kind of hard to grasp and do effectively,” Light said. “I feel like majoring in education is something that gives me a craft that helps me feel like I can effectively teach people.”

Jonas Babusci said he joined Full Ammo Improv last semester.

“[Full Ammo] it was really fun, and it’s a lot more informal than a high school theater program, which is probably one of its strengths,” Babusci (senior-philosophy) said. “It’s much more of a tight unit than a bunch of people.”

Babusci said he had no previous experience in improv, but being involved in theater in high school sparked his interest in getting involved with Full Ammo.

“I’ve done a lot of comic roles.” [in high school]I think, what in comedy, “says Babusci. “I kind of wanted to go on stage again and do something adjacent to the action.”

Babusci said he was surprised at how different improv is from acting.

“It’s a lot easier to be funny when the joke is already written and it’s just delivery,” said Babusci. But something like that [improv]the experience is much different.’

Babusci said he would “definitely consider” getting involved in improv again after college if “the opportunity presented itself.”

Mab Rongione, another member of Ammo Fuller, said she wanted to join the club after transferring to Penn State as a junior.

Rongione (senior-art) said she was rejected by Penn State at first but was able to find her place at Full Ammo.

“My friend Joey, who’s also on the team now, saw Full Ammo and told me I should listen,” Rongione said. “We heard last year, and we both met together. It was really fun. “

Rongione said he was involved in a couple of improv clubs in high school, but said the clubs were different from Full Ammo.

“When we did this show, we had to be himself.” [politically correct]Rongione said. “He was a big red bomber if you said something stupid, and I hated the choices he made.”

After being at Penn State for almost two years, Rongione said how nice it is to “have” [her] people, and she also lives with the other members of Full Ammo now.

“Any club of a specific interest is so important at a huge school like that” [Penn State]Rongione said.

Rongione said he felt like he wasn’t getting the college experience of switching branches on campus, but joining Ammo Full Ammo changed that.

“It’s fun to do improv, but sometimes I’m just soft-spoken and I don’t do improv,” Rongione said. “I feel like I have the best friends now, and I love them.”

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