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GROUP NEWS: Artificial intelligence represents rare and exciting opportunities for an industry-wide revolution in video technology. This is the vision of Milestone Systems’ new chief technology officer, Rahul Yadav, who sees endless opportunities in video technology and beyond security.

Today, Rahul Yadav joins the leading team of the video program Fables from TV 2, a Danish public service broadcaster, where he served as Chief Technology and Digital Officer. Extensive experience leading multi-site, global organizations and transforming digital platforms – such as the TV 2 Play streaming service. Rahul predicts that AI will play a critical role in Fabella.

“I strongly believe that artificial intelligence is one of the key technologies that will accelerate the fourth industrial revolution,” says Yadav. “With the progress in AI in years, video technology will have a big boost. For companies like Fabella, AI will access the capabilities of video management software solutions and provide innovative, intelligent, efficient solutions for clients and beyond security.

According to Yadav, XProtect – Milestone’s open plan video management software and core product – represents new use cases across various industries. More than 500,000 technical training workshops have been deployed and used by a wide range of end users, from airports to hospitals to city attractions.

“I see an opportunity to enhance our technology architecture, modernize our software platform and bring more customer centricity when developing digital products and solutions.” This will help everyone in our ecosystem: technology partners, distributors, integrators and resellers. It also empowers our customers to get more out of our products.”

In addition to his work at TV 2, Rahul has held senior positions at several well-known Danish brands, including consumer electronics firm Bang & Olufsen.

Having gone from entertainment to video programming, the experience has taught him a lot about delivering good results;

“Good design and a pleasant, personalized user experience are no longer a welcome to have, they are a must have,” says Rahul. “I see myself drawing on my previous experience to lead the Tech Stories organization.”

“With Rahul and his diverse experience in technical and user-centric roles, it’s clear that Fabella has its eyes on the future. In a time of evolution, we bring a seasoned leader to help navigate the ever-changing digital landscape of the video management industry,” Milestone Systems vice president of the APAC region malou toft.

When he is not working on exchanging digital solutions, Rahul spends time with his wife Seema and their friends and family.

Rahul has lived close to nature on the West Coast of Denmark for 17 years, Rahul has developed a passion for ultra-running – races of up to 100 km – as he runs trails on beaches and in nature.

The Story of Systems
Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open source video management software; technologies that help the world see how to protect health, protect assets and increase business efficiency. Fabella provides an open community platform that drives collaboration and innovation in the development and use of network video technology, with highly reliable and scalable solutions that are proven by more than 500,000 organizations worldwide. Founded in 1998, Fabella is the only company standing in the Canonical Group.


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