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At the age of seven, Jerome Tomlinson made his first excited journey to the happiest place on earth with his family. Disney World in Orlando was such a blast that they made it their all new arrivals program this summer. It was only a matter of time before he turned to idle travel.

“My most frequent travels in different countries started by myself five years after I graduated from the university. It was really a great trip. From the various experiences and memories created on each trip, the people I’ve met and the friendships made along the way have definitely made the trip,” Tomlinson shared. live on saturday.

His favorite places to visit are Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and Cancun in Mexico. Both, he says, have similar characteristics in terms of culture and are very festive in nature.

“The experience in Punta Cana” was called “Lunch in Heaven”. There, you’re basically strapped into a chair around a table and hoisted up into the sky by a crane, and so you indulge in a course dinner. Entertainment is also provided while taking in the stunning views of the sunny city,” he shared.

As for Cancun, Tomlinson will never forget jumping out of a boat and skydiving, “That would be the scariest thing I’ve done to date. It was an experience of a lifetime that probably 99 percent of the population would never dare to try but you know what? I will do it all over again! “

After sharing the exciting content with others, he was encouraged to think about the business element of the activity. “Every time I travel, I always arrange to be online, getting the attention of my followers on social media. I would often like to receive emails asking for location, booking information or planning options. While helping them I realized that this could be a profitable business opportunity,” he revealed.


Today, Tomlinson is the chief executive officer of Exclusive Travel Deals, a company dedicated to providing travel services and arrangements to avid and new adventure seekers. “We offer flights, hotels, cruises and/or other local and international excursions,” he said. His company also offers free travel consultations. “At Exclusive Travel Deals, pay only when you’re ready to book your trip, with no hidden fees.”

Since opening its doors two years ago, the business has seen exponential growth, gaining local and overseas recognition while traversing over 100,000 anagrams across all of the company’s business social media platforms. In addition, Tomlinson was able to form strategic partnerships with companies in similar and different industries.

The reception, as it has been, has been great and Tomlinson is grateful for the opportunity and support he has received on this journey.

The hope is that his brand will become a household name; one that resonates with people locally and internationally when it comes to travel. It also intends to tap into global markets and expand its business to operate in different countries through licensing and franchise.

“The world is bigger, more diverse and more unique than we actually know and you have to constantly adapt and understand when dealing with people from different cultures and backgrounds whether the client is a travel book or personal travel, social, mutual and communicating with others. You have to open up and accept that different people and situations require different approaches to work and not just have a certain one-way-and-post mindset,” he said.

Whenever an entrepreneur is not working, he is looking for the next best experience to try or fulfill his mission. Next in the bucket of places to visit is Dubai, in a few months he plans to visit Colombia, Greece, Bali, as well as places in Europe and Africa.

His advice to people new to travel is to consult with a travel agent who already has the knowledge and experience to provide guidance, “You can use Google and try it in your book. But often, you won’t find all the information on the internet, especially the finer details that travel requirements or restrictions for certain destinations and then have problems that cost you in the end.

Often, he says, there are misunderstandings due to a lack of understanding, “For example, many people do not know that they can actually go outside the country with their passports. Not all countries require visas or vaccinations to visit “

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