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A trip to a high-end health spa won’t fix all your body aches and pains overnight, but it can be especially luxurious as you kick off a new regimen or tune in to try and get some real exercise. He was doing it for years. And fortunately, a crop of new (and improved) crops provide fresh ways to help increase your length, test what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t—and even offer a medical-grade biomarker for trying to optimize everything from your diet. to your sleep and more.

Below, five properties to check in for the ultimate boost.

Sensei Porcupine Creek

Rancho Mirage, Calif.

He just opened it Sensei Porcupine Creek, located on a 230-acre private estate, is the latest healthy offering from Larry Ellison and David Agus, MD. Its Optimal Wellbeing program is a five-day wellness journey uniquely designed around health technology testing, data capture and analysis.

The program begins at home, with a Whoop strap sent directly to guests to collect fitness, sleep and recovery data prior to access. The strap must be used four days in advance to collect sufficient information but can be carried much longer – the package includes six months of membership on the Whoop app. When you become a Sensei, the program begins with an orientation with your guide, followed by one-on-one sessions focused on mindfulness, nutrition, yoga or fitness and daily classes such as art tours and garden walks. The experience doesn’t end at checkout: Even after departure, guests receive permanent access to the property’s Sensei Portal to track and capture their personal information. From $1,880 per night per person:

My love

Sedona, Ariz.

My love, located in Boynton Canyon’s steep red wall, is reopening after two years. A $40 million renovation expanded assets by 40 percent; now encompasses 42,000 square feet of wellness space, with 26 traditional stage treatment rooms, offering breathing classes and movement studios. The all new consultation wing hosts sessions with Mii Amo therapists and team minds.

The great outdoors is always a bigger draw here, and one of the best things about the Mii Amo is its “hike-in, hike-out” setting. Adventure guides are on hand such as full moon excursions, canyon exploration, rock climbing, nature photography walks and more, all enhanced by Sedona’s unique, almost mystical, energy. From $6,200 for three nights per person:

love New York

Robert Rieger

New York City

love New YorkThe three-story spa may be Instagram-worthy, but the hotel’s 25,000 square feet of wellness space doesn’t shy away from the serious side of things. The facilities are only available to private guests and the club, with a focus on helping you do everything from injury rehabilitation to stress reduction to marathon prepping.

In addition to cardio equipment and strengthening equipment, there are facilities for hypoxic training, infrared fitness equipment and a double cryotherapy room facility. Personalized tai chi, qigong, yoga, Pilates and meditation sessions are available, and the team will call on experts from other movement modalities, martial arts, dance, etc. — for those who wish to leave the menu. It is said to be convenient, with the weight of luxury on the heavy side. From $3,200 per night


Natalee Gallos


Eccentric Dubai, the most infamous maximalist destination, has not exactly made it a haven for health seekers. But one new fitness-focused hotel is aiming to change that.

siro, an emerging hospitality brand, is set to open its first property in the Emirate capital later this year. Instead of building a fantastic gym and leaving it in, as many luxury hotels have done, the developers are leading athletes and experts in mental health, nutrition and sleep to help unlock your peak psychological and physical performance.

The consultants – a list that includes the medical team at the home of soccer powerhouse AC Milan, Olympic gold-medalist swimmer Adam Peaty and Olympic boxer Ramla Ali – develop signature programs and share pro-level insights into what it takes to stay at the top of your game.

Accommodations, which can range from one night to multiday retreats and packages with specific fitness goals in mind, will begin with a 3-D assessment of body composition to provide the necessary information for a unique design plan. The assessment is based on the expertise of AC Milan’s research lab, which identifies the players’ strengths and weaknesses to create a dedicated educational program. Siro’s version offers a broader take on your personal goals.

The hotel will have 27,240 square feet of fitness and recovery space and will also offer excursions such as paddleboarding, cycling on the Al Qudra desert trail and hiking in the nearby Hatta mountains. The special “lab” features therapies and services, including cryotherapy, infrared saunas, physiotherapy, acupuncture and signature stretching protocols, all aimed at improving blood circulation and reducing stress.

Each of Siron’s 122 rooms is designed with the corresponding ingenuity in mind. All will have equipment such as Swedish ladders, tension bands and trigger buttons, as well as mattresses designed by the American company Rex Koil to provide a cooler sleeping surface and improve sleep quality. A $ CD per night

golden gate

Golden Gate Luxury Resort & Spa

Tanveer Badal Photography/TANV

San Marcos, Calif.

Fresh off a $5 million spa renovation, they are philanthropically oriented golden gate it always looks better. And thanks to the new private-staging, the luxury experience begins well before you arrive. The golden package of the flight picks you up on a plane perfumed with sweet basil oil. During the trip, you will be served ultra-hydrating potassium juice, plus guided meditation and stretching videos designed to help you get your health journey started early.

The weekly spa custom wellness program includes personal training, massage, skin treatments and a plan to create a meal with ingredients prepared from the property’s farm. One hundred percent of net profits go to help end child abuse, including beneficiaries New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and Rady Children’s Hospital at San Diego From $28,450 per person for the Gold Flight package

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