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Nashville residents can find a piece of tranquility in the suburbs of the city Oak Hill; where picturesque forests meet august houses.

Oak Hill lies to the south of Nashville, and while it is part of the metro area, it is mostly made up of natural landscapes. The landscape of the Radnor Lake State Park forms an integral part of the neighborhood and has mature trees and open spaces throughout.

Once a farming community with pre-Civil War roots, Oak Hill’s rich rural and natural heritage has been well-preserved for generations while its development has been nature-friendly. It is exclusively residential and quieter than other tony Nashville suburbs.

Known for its prestigious homes, the spot is notable among affluent residents, celebrities and the governor of Tennessee.

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“There is never a huge amount for sale at one time. Right now, there are only five homes on the market, ranging from $1.39 million to $2.5 million,” Jessica Averbuch of Zeitlin Sotheby’s International Realty.

Many of its original country houses remain but have given way to newly built luxury mansions, designed in a contemporary style to maximize space and views. They are typically built by local developers and sell fast.

“People here are moving to a quiet and relaxing setting. You see people walking dogs, jogging, pushing prams along leafy paths. It’s a friendly, quiet and peaceful place, and so are its residents,” says Ashley Luther, managing broker and COO at Chord Real Estate.

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The suburb, which has three boroughs and about 1,800 homes, is about 20 minutes south of the Gulch neighborhood in downtown Nashville.

Oak Hill has Franklin Pike Road running through the middle. Interstate 65 (I-65) sits on the eastern edge, Old Hickory Boulevard forms the southern edge and Woodmont Boulevard lies along the northern edge. On its western side, it blends seamlessly into the city’s mountain pass and the residential and commercial neighborhood of Green Hills.

price range

In Oak Hill, the average asking price for homes last year was $1.775 million, Ms. Averbuch said, adding that values ​​ranged from $500,000 to $8 million. Most of the family homes were recently built for about $2.5 million, Ms. Luther added.

Oak Hill only accounts for about 8% of sales in greater Davidson County, which shows it’s low-income households, Ms. Luther said. Davidson County is the second largest county in Tennessee and includes Nashville.

Oak Hill has experienced significant appreciation in recent years due to low interest rates and limited inventory. “It’s definitely a seller’s market, we’ve seen multiple offers on many homes. The average list-to-sale price ratio is 98%,” Ms. Luther said.

housing stock

In Oak Hill, all the homes are large and unique and most come with an acre of land or more.

Most of the homes were built in the 1950s and ’60s when the Nashville area was incorporated. They are typically townhouses that are single story properties with open plan living. There are also traditional federal and colonial styles that recall the history of the region.

It is one of Tennessee’s oldest official residences — a 1920s Georgian mansion with an underground ballroom and 10 acres.

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The luxury market is dominated by modern constructions, both traditional and contemporary. These sit in plots with at least half an acre of land and often more, Ms. Averbuch said. New homes are either traditional (federal and colonial style) or contemporary, which includes large windows, roofs and exterior features.

Ms. Averbuch is selling a fully renovated office; 5,500 square foot estate with six bedrooms, a mother-in-law block, a three-car garage, a large back garden with a covered patio, and about 6 acres of land. Built in 1974, it is now for sale for $2.29 million.

That makes it unique

Oak Hill has been home to historic farms and plantations dating back to the late 1800s. In the postwar period, Oak Hill saw rapid growth and was incorporated as a city. Rather than planning, the neighborhood grew organically through twists and turns.

“This area attracts people who want the best of both worlds, a residential neighborhood, a natural setting and a convenient location near the interstate and a major commercial location,” Ms. Averbuch said.

Few city suburbs can boast a close proximity to public parks. In fact, Radnor Lake Park is the largest pocket of wilderness in the US near a major city, according to Alltrails. The park, created in 1913, has over 1,300 acres of palm trees surrounding an 85-acre lake. Filled with biodiversity, wildlife and miles of trails, the area is a popular hiking spot.

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There is a wide range of public and private school offerings nearby. Father Ryan High School is a private Catholic coeducational high school for students in grades 9 through 12. Both are just off Franklin Pike Road.

Glendale Public School Spanish Immersion is a “proven” public school for students from Kindergarten to 4th grade. It is located less than two miles away on Thompson Avenue. Based out of Oak Hill, Lipscomb Academy is a private Christian college prep school serving students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

In Oak Hill, Oak Hill School is a Christian elementary school providing education for elementary through sixth grade.

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Many of Nashville’s popular restaurants and shops are located in the nearby 12th Avenue South district, three miles north of Oak Hill. It has Locusta, with eight tables and two tables three nights a week by chef Trevor Moran serving natural wines and an eclectic, ever-changing menu; the elegant Josephine by Andy Little, a seasonal collection with local flavours; Taqueria del Sol is a small chain offering Mexican cuisine with southern flavors.

The Bottle Cap and 12 South Taproom are relaxed watering holes that serve great food and snacks. The 8th Avenue, Green Hills and Brentwood neighborhoods also have more notable establishments.

The Man at Green Hills is the most exclusive men’s store in Nashville, with posh clothing stores from Burberry, Breitling, Chanel, J. Crew, Kate Spade handbags, Louis Vuitton and Arhaus furniture.

Who lives there

Because of its central location and convenient interstate access, Oak Hill residents can work and play in both Davidson County and neighboring Williamson. The neighborhood attracts people who want a residential-only area, but don’t want to be far from amenities and conveniences, Ms. Averbuch said.

Oak Hill’s residents are a mix of ages, including younger families. Residents are executive-level professionals in healthcare, music and technology, which are important industries in Nashville. The governor of Tennessee lives here among many other politicians.

Notable Residents

Actor Reese Witherspoon lives in an Oak Hill estate that’s listed for a fixer-upper for $1.95 million, according to the Tennessean. It is home to many in the music industry, including multiple Grammy Award-winning gospel singer CeCe Winning, according to Ms. Luther.

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“Quisco Hill is very desirable and during the pandemic, it has experienced the same surge of interest and activity as other popular neighborhoods in Nashville. Oak Hill is a tried and true Nashville favorite. It is a stable market that is growing in appeal because of its beautiful natural setting, rich history and convenient location,” Ms. Averbach said.

More recently, for six to eight months, “things started to slow down at the end of the last market because of the rate hike last year. [from nearly 0% to around 5%]. The luxury real estate market has not been affected, as most buyers have substantial equity,” Ms

“In January, sales picked up and we’re not even into the spring season, which is typically a busy season. Nashville is a city that is nowhere near a recession or a housing bubble. We think prices will grow but at a slower pace of about 3% and 4% in the coming 12 months» Ms. Luther added. “A correction in price is what is needed in the market.”

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