FoolMoon announces games in Ann Arbor, a team of artists

ANN ARBOR, MI — Ann Arbor’s 13th annual FoolMoon event promises to be a world-class experience this year.

The annual event known for its interactive art installations, laser shows, live shows and lighting will take place from 7 to 10 pm on Friday, April 7, at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market in Kerrytown. This year’s theme is UFOs which will include “unidentified stupid things”.

Assembli, formerly known as WonderFool Productions, is the non-profit organization behind FoolMoon. The group is also responsible for organizing events such as ypsiGLOW and FestiFools.

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FoolMoon recently announced its full lineup of featured artists, shows and light processions.

Wait for results at FoolMoon

All kinds of activities and activities will take place during the three-hour event.

The night will kick off at 7pm with Yoda Bard who is the resident DJ at Necto Nightclub. The DJ will have other performances throughout the night at 7:50 pm and 9:15 pm

There will also be a jump rope performance by the Jumpin’ AllStars at 7:30 pm The non-profit national competition team will bring lighted jump ropes to perform and teach others at the event.

The Ypsilanti Community High School Choir will perform at 8:20 p.m., and then there will be a performance at 9 p.m. by Revolution, the Chinese yo-yo team at the University of Michigan.

Featured artists at FoolMoon

You’ll find a variety of exhibits throughout FoolMoon such as an alien kitchen, a silly pirate ship, a mural and even an extraterrestrial information booth to learn more about life in space.

Some of the other art on display throughout the night will include the following;

Carrie Beaton: This artist presents his work called “CHOOPS!” Attendees will be able to view an art exhibit featuring a space film that includes a lab containing “specimens of unidentified fool origin,” according to a FoolMoon release.

The display invites people to explore the wreckage, stop the space navigation system and see the remains of the lab specimens.

Illuminated Lasers: Use this interactive art installation called “Dance with a UFO!”

People will be able to see their forms come to life with a laser display that closely follows their movements and even projects another form next to them to bring out an “unidentified silly” object.

Michael Smothers: “MOON-napped” showing a large UFO covered in lights, which is in an alien garden filled with glowing flowers. They also show the bull’s feather raised to heaven.

Naia Venturi: It is said to exhibit “In Gallery Noir” brings an interactive experience with “really dark” objects on display.

Neighborhood Theater Group: The group “Welcome to Earth” presents an opportunity to communicate with aliens.

Patrick Elkins: Check out the story of the shadow doll called “Stone Candy Soup.”

Audience members are encouraged to bring empty umbrellas and bags in case the show hands out candy.

Let’s draw together: They are exploring a collaborative project by the Assembly, Ann Arbor District Library along with Trevor Stone and Nat Berry of We Together called “Hon Intergalactic”.

The art installation will be displayed at the University of Michigan Hospital through April after the FoolMoon event.

FoolMoon will also have a few wandering performers throughout the night, a moving shadow curtain hosted by Patrick Elkins and Katelyn Schract along with a hula-hooping LED performance by Steve & Her Circles from 8 to 9:30 p.m.

Where to find light processions

This year’s procession of lights will begin at 8:15 pm at two different locations including the central branch of the Ann Arbor District Library at 343 Fifth Ave. and the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, 315 Detroit St.

Guests are invited to travel throughout the city of Ann Arbor with their lights and costumes lit. The procession will be led by the Detroit Party Running Band and Groove.

Learn more about FoolMoon or its full list of events on-line.

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