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Global VR fitness app FitXR is expanding its horizons through exciting recent collaborations with Pico, a VR technology company for all-in-one VR, and Strava, a fitness tracker. These companies aim to offer a more comprehensive and tailored fitness experience to users around the world.

FitXR Partners With Pico to Reach New Audiences

Demonstrating FitXR’s mission to make VR fitness accessible to everyone, the VR fitness app is expanding to the UK, EU, and Asian markets through a new partnership with Pico VR headsets. As VR gains mass market appeal, the multi-fitXR offerings will become increasingly desirable.

FitXR’s offers a myriad of workout options in one app. Earlier this year, FitXR launched Sculpt, a workout suite inspired by isometric strength training, and Combat, an athletic workout inspired by various martial arts. These two new training options expand on the VR fitness app’s current workout options, which include HIIT, Dance and Boxing. FitXR emphasizes its mission to create diverse experiences in the metaverse through this expansion.

FitXR is now expanding its range, which introduces its home fitness experience to the Peak headsets. Now Pico developers can enjoy participating in player workouts for some friendly competition or work out in detail when they prefer to control their speed.

VR Fitness FitXR on Pico

New users can experience new music, different classes, and innovative styles as the VR fitness app constantly introduces updates. And individuals who have installed FitXR on their Pico 4 or Pico Neo 3 Chapter Link can use it for free for 30 days until the end of April.

New Partnerships for a fun, matching Opportunity journey

With community at its heart, the company’s CEO and co-founder, Sam Cole, commented on the new company, saying; “We now offer a very different experience and a unique opportunity, and we intend to promote it to the new Pico head, so that it is available to every person, in every family, in every geography, and with every skill of hardware.”

Peter Li, Pico’s Head of Gaming Partners, emphasized Pico’s dedication to delivering a variety of high-quality fitness experiences to its users.“For Pico, launching FitXR as a subscription app on our platform furthers our commitment to bring the widest variety of high-quality and customizable fitness experiences to our customers.” Li said that Aeneas is sometimes a big layer ARPost.

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The collaboration highlights the growing appetite for amalgamating new technology and gaming to create better fitness experiences. FitXR allows customers to choose a variety of fitness enthusiasts and tailor visits to meet their goals. With fully immersive 3D workout environments, games, engaging, and fitness experiences can be enjoyed. “We never forget to bring fun. The fun is just as important as the event.” said FitXR’s CMO, Lisa Raggiri.

In addition, FitXR has also collaborated with Olympic Boxing Champion Nicola Adams to launch the “Box Pro” training program, covering the basics to all skill sets. Adams aims to promote active lifestyles by showing that fitness can be fun.

FitXR Integrates With Strava For A Comprehensive Progress Track

In addition to the new partnership with Pico, FitXR also recently teamed up with Strava, connected subscription platforms relevance. By using data from both platforms, the company aims to provide FitXR users with a broader view of their exercise journey. The company reflects FitXR’s drive to provide a more comprehensive and inclusive digital experience, allowing users to more effectively set and achieve their fitness goals.

FitXR on Strava

Kelly Cosentino, head of FitXR Fitness, stated that as more and more people focus on managing their health and fitness goals, highlighting the demand for simple access to critical information across platforms. “FitXR’s integration with Strava provides our members with a holistic digital solution that fits easily into their lifestyles.” Cosentino said in a press release shared ARPost. The collaboration aims to support everyone at every level of fitness, allowing them to monitor every step, activity and movement in both virtual and real environments.

With the free companion app FitXR, users can easily send their workout data to Strava after every session. FitXR users can now join Strava’s dynamic community of over 100 million users in 190 countries. Additionally, this company allows you to set goals and key milestones, monitor improvement, and share your virtual skills with fellow fitness enthusiasts around the world.

Integrating a FitXR mobile app user with their Strava account is a straightforward task that requires just a few clicks. To start the syncing process, the user must launch the FitXR app and select the profile icon located at the bottom right hand side of the screen. They should then proceed by selecting the “Connected Apps” option from the menu and then “Strava”. Afterwards, the user will be presented with a prompt to select the types of data they wish to sync with Strava, with the ability to change their choices later. Once the user completes this quick setup, their workout data will automatically sync with Strava after each session.

This strategic collaboration of FitXR with Strava reinforces the company’s goal to offer a customizable virtual club experience. Enhanced data connectivity will allow FitXR users to maximize the potential of virtual activity and accompanying apps that encourage them to stay active.

New Partnerships Drive Pressure for a More Holistic VR Fitness Approach

Recent partnerships with Pico and Strava fitXR highlight the impact of virtual reality technology in the fitness industry and its potential to transform how individuals approach their health and wellness goals.

By expanding the accessibility of its immersive training to a wider range of users, regardless of hardware options, FitXR reinforces its dedication to providing a comprehensive and user-friendly digital experience. Accordingly, FitXR enables people to track all the appropriate steps towards their progress more effectively, and to continue their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

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