Fitness Model Ali Lee Drops Jaws in See-Through Lingerie – Blast

fitness model Ali Lee is known for posting some pretty steamy pictures, but these latest photos are really turning heads!

The social media sensation has embraced the inner “Star Boy” as he is featured in sheer lingerie that has a black star on both sides of his bra top to keep the photo safe as Instagram’s sensitive filters!

Fitness Model Ali Lee Leaves Little To The Imagination In See-Through Lingerie!

Instagram | Ali Lee

The slowest in it instagram later, the social media sensation puts on a steamy display as she poses in lingerie. The three-piece lingerie set consisted of a bra top that was covered by cups and black stars covering part of her chest, which would make Instagram’s filters scandalous.

A matching brown belt was also seen-through, allowing fans to catch a glimpse of the definition in her toned abs. The matching panties perfectly flattered her sun-kissed skin as she posed in a plush white bed with her legs spread wide.

Ali Lee posed in a sit-through lingerie
Instagram | Ali Lee

In the caption, Ali wrote, “Star boy… through and through… I don’t really believe in reality… just playing through the fun of it. The only way to manifest what your dreams are in your heart is to vibrationally fight them with reality. What is yours has been and will always be yours. Universal law. Believe that and ride the wave, love. Also, Einstein was a Pisces. Just sayin’.

Fans couldn’t get enough of her stunning snaps. “You are the night sky…” one fan commented. “Star shine… they love,” Ali replied. “Still CHAPEL,” cried another follower, to which Ali replied that he was “totally humiliated.” A third fan commented, “This American is going to kill me…” Ali replied, “I’m actually Native American, but I feel you.”

Ali Shows Off Her ‘Energy’ In Another But It Works

Ali Lee posed in black lingerie
Instagram | Ali Lee

in another, however instagram later, the popular model wore a steamy display as she posed in a see-through black shirt, revealing that she was wearing a black bra underneath. She teamed a fitted top with a sheer black skirt that also left little to the imagination. He hooks his thumb into the hem of her skirt and pulls it up slightly to reveal the definition in her toned abs.

Ali adorned the dress with a golden necklace hanging around her neck and silver earrings. She had silver studs in her ears with dangling hoop earrings that could be seen under the waves of her brown hair that flashed at the shot.

Ali Lee posed in black lingerie
Instagram | Ali Lee

In the caption, Ali wrote, “Amber is the color of your energy… 311 energy bc 3/11 is my birthday and reads all I can to stay hype AF.” She also tagged @kopalpffphoto to help her pull off the wake photo as fans and friends of the celebrity flooded the post with fire and heart eyes emojis.

“Love the look, my friend, the vibe is just on a whole new level and planet. I always try my best to reach you in the energy and I enjoy following the tracks, one of the flow fans. “Every day, my homie. Stay conscious and hang with the light,” Ali replied. “The most awesome beauty/body on IG STROKE,” is another follower on Chime, to which Ali replied, “soooo humbled.”

Ali Lee Turns Heads In Her Butterfly Bikini!

in another instagram after, Ali put on a steamy display for the song “Tequila” featuring Jax Jones, Martin Solveig, RAYE, and Europe. In the video, she sits on a plush white couch with her legs spread as she struts around in a printed bikini to look at the wings of a king butterfly.

She wears colorful shoes as her hair flies around in the video, but she also wears gold dangling earrings with a few colorful bracelets. In the caption, Ali wrote, “Friday night vibes. Nothing more. Nothing less.” She also tagged @zabumutua and @boundlessssssssss for the photo shoot.

Ali Lee posed in a butterfly bikini
Instagram | Ali Lee

“Nothing more…than the natural wonders of the world…” gushed one fan, but Ali told them he was “farrrr too impressed” with his praise! “You are. A gorgeous. Woman,” another student commented. “Good for you,” replied Ali, to which a fan replied, “Thank you for sharing your beauty with the world!”

With so many steamy cakes and videos on her page, fans can’t wait to see what Ali Lee does next!

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