First Friday Celebrates ‘All Opportunities’ in April Event; Malachi Williams Featured Artist

The First Friday Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is celebrating “All Abilities” on April 7.

After the excellent ARTUOK? event in March, 1 Friday, remembers that we all have unique abilities and that each of us can contribute to our community creatively, professionally and socially. It is Autism Awareness Month in April, and the event will also honor this unique and brilliant resource of the community.

The art walk area on Boulder Avenue and First Street in Sixties First Friday will be artists and craft appraisers. The food garden and bar area remain in the Art Square parking lot, along with entertainment.

This month’s key elements include:

  • Hours of operation – 5:00 pm to 11 pm
  • First Friday Footprint – Art Walk on Boulder Ave. in front of Arts Factory and 1st Street. There is a food garden and bar in the Art Square parking lot.
  • COVID-19 Requests – Guests are asked to be mindful of others. There are no masked needs or distant social requirements. First Friday will continue with its health program and guests are asked to continue washing/sanitizing their hands.
  • Egg Hunt for children and adults hosted by the Social Exchange event.
  • Classic Car Show curated by Das Erbe.
  • First Friday’s Featured Artist Malachi Williams, Artist Selected at the Roseman College of Medicine for ARTUOK? event, is the featured artist of April. That muralist and winner of ARTUOK? Competition with his piece “life is one big carousel” which was held live at the event.
  • Cindy Funkhouser Residency Space – Cindy was the original founder of First Friday and we honor her with a free monthly space given to a local artist – Mila May in April
  • Health for Life is now an artist sponsored tent each month. Look for a guest artist in that space.
  • Pin Convention is back – collectors can visit over 30 pin artists from around the world. Curated by Pinplugged.
  • Life is Beautiful is back and early attendees will receive special early bird tickets.
  • Entertainment – Three main stages will feature local music, young talent shows, and more all night long. See www.ffflv.org for more information.
  • Food Trucks – Over twenty food trucks will be your favorite food trucks in the garden.
  • Other arts district art galleries, restaurants, bars and other retail businesses are open early Friday.
  • roadwork
    • Expect street improvements that will slow down traffic for months to come. But we look forward to the spectacular improvements in the area.
  • Parking Information:
    • Parking Options: online information
    • The City Parking Lot (only $6) located at 500 S. Street will be open with free shuttle stops at Hoover and 1st.
    • Ride participants will also be located at Hoover and 1st
    • Additional Parking at 1000 Commerce for $10 with a short walk to the event
    • IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING PARKING: *** First Friday parking only on the streets immediately surrounding the holiday at 1st Street and Coolidge. These spaces are available for $125 cash on check out. We are not working on any vacant lots in the area for parking. There have been reports of people organizing people to go to these lots and collect money to park there. Do not park in any of these lots – you are taking an actuarial risk. Please notify us if someone approaches you about parking in one of the nearby vacant lots or you see this happening. Thank you! *** The First Friday Foundation and its partners are not responsible for any damage or theft to the vehicle or related property.

The First Friday Foundation will be posting updates and special offers on Friday 1st First Events and other programs through its social media channels – on Facebook at www.facebook.com/firstfridaylasvegas Twitter @FirstFridayLV. The page is www.ffflv.orgActive and applications from manufacturers and vendors are currently being accepted.

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