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Inspired by living life to the fullest, I give HORL to the lifestyle brand, Today you have something fun.

Have some fun today (HSFT) wants clear up your day and everyday wardrobe- with must have pieces from a go-to lifestyle and fashion brand. With the main goal of building a daily life of fun and joy, founder Stephanie Rado Taormina initially committed the brand to fostering a way to embrace life.

We’ll focus on what makes HSFT so special – and why HORL loves all the fun parts you can shop!

Founder Spotlight: Have some fun today

Stephanie Rado, founder of Tauromenii, is an accomplished artist and interior designer with a long career in clothing. Her creative spirit is at the heart of HSFT and she was inspired to start this endeavor after losing her father in 2014. From there she started the brand with a t-shirt, a tote bag, and these four words her father always said. – Something fun today.

HSFT was born out of Stephanie’s creativity and passion for finding joy in life. It nurtures a brand, a mindset and a philosophy that allows it to establish a unique and meaningful connection with its foundation.

“My mission is to help change people’s mindset to include some fun everyday and smile through my designs,” says Stephen, as outlined this on the page of the writer.

Finding Joy in Life

Stephanie’s passion for protecting meaningful lives and fostering a mission she is proud of cannot stop there. The talented founder continues to raise awareness for mental health through a brand of vision. As a result, Stephanie has developed a strong network of #hsftwomen. In turn, HSFT also hosts national women’s empowerment events to help women undergoing cancer treatment and experiencing mental health issues.

HSFT truly seeks to change the world – through clothes and accessories to brighten your room and your day with the help of bold colors, fun patterns, and exciting prints.

have some fun today

Have some fun today: HOLR picks & Honest Review

HOLR had plenty of pieces to explore from HSFT to break down the experience and give our honest review, below.

First, navigating the HSFT website is super easy. The reason is that it is quick and simple to find your favorites and add them to the cart immediately. The hard part is choosing what to choose from the brand’s clothing and accessories – all of which are super cute!

We have decided on three: The original crop tank, Crown Print Belt Bag – Perriand Crown Print Bucket Hat – Perri. All three items came safely packaged and arrived super fast, which was good!

have some fun today

Now, enter the items-

have some fun today

The original crop tank It was an obvious addition to the cart because it’s the perfect basic with a hint of fun flair. We love how the brand’s iconic slogan is emphasized across the sleeveless style. Since this design is an original HSFT, you can add a great piece to your existing collection because you can wear it with everything from pants to skirts to sweats! This is a versatile piece that feels super soft to the touch thanks to its cotton jersey blend weave. You can tell right away that this is going to be a wardrobe staple season after season!

have some fun today

The Crown Print Belt Bag – Perri It was a fun accessory we knew we’d want to use endlessly this spring, summer, and beyond. Complete day or night, this belt bag features a bold print and design that will take your look to the next level. It’s also very versatile as you can wear it crossbody or around your waist for a hands free vibe.

have some fun today

The Crown Print Bucket Hat – Perri it perfectly matches the belt bag to complete the new go-to look! We love how it’s designed to protect you from the sun brilliantly, while adding the perfect pop of color to your outfit. Rock at the beach or grocery store – you can use it all day, every day, anywhere!

We love how the pieces from HSFT are designed, but also stand out when paired with others from their collection. Plus, the cohesive look and feel of most pieces make them perfect for the season ahead, which we’re totally here for!

Shop to have some fun today

We break down some of our other go-to picks from HSFT brands below, and what you should add to your cart next!

have some fun today

Slouchy Tank

This go-to tank top must be a must for this season because it’s a basic that’s anything but boring! The slogan and slouchy songs make this a must-have to pair with denim for spring.

have some fun today

Baseball Cap

A true summer staple, this classic baseball cap with the brand’s signature slogan in contrasting tones makes it a cool accessory to match with any look.

have some fun today

Elsie Bag – Dust Boy

This is the first designer bag for the brand and features a cowhide with lambskin trim.

After two years in the making, this bag has been developed from a zip closure, a back zipper/pocket, and an additional magnetic closure back pocket for extra storage. With fit features, this is perfect for wearing on i!

have some fun today

The Art of Affirmation Hoodie S1 – Time

Who doesn’t love a hoodie?! This is one of the features of visionary art founder and artist Stephanie Rado Taormina in her debut series “The Art of Affirmation” clothing series. We are obsessed with the pattern and color of this piece!

have some fun today

HSFT Mug – 15oz

A lifestyle favorite, this mug will be your daily go-to. Your morning will immediately thank you for this exceptional drink from the brand.

have some fun today

Crown Father Hat – Coral

If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your look, this hat is a must-have! It features a trendy crown design and is finished in a stylish coral colourway making it the perfect summer accessory to sport all season long.

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