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Montvalley University student Brianna Bramlett received a letter from her supervisor at her office at Books-A-Million about entering a ticket competition for the Poets and Writers Gala in New York City and thought, why not?

Bramlett, a double major in English and communication studies who wants to pursue a career in the book development industry, wanted to send her and release an authentic piece about the literature that has been meaningful in her life. He didn’t have high hopes when the email results from the competition arrived. Bramlett wrote next to her name among the four winners on the header list and quickly scanned the selection for the honorable mention, believing it was the highest honor she was able to receive.

His gaze convinced him to take one last look at the four winners, and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Definitely shocked,” Bramlett said when he recalled his name. “I was like, ‘Oh my goodness!’

Bramlett decided to make his award-winning work, titled “Fire Report,” heavily influenced by the UM faculty and his experience on the red brick roads. Bramlett said she always loved to write, but didn’t have the tools necessary to find a voice until she attended university.

“I always had a hard time finding my writing voice within the piece, but after going here, I realized how important my voice is,” Bramlett said. “I couldn’t write this without realizing it, because my life has changed in my life. You could have written me this same thing four years ago, and I couldn’t, because everyone here taught me how to sharpen my skills, and who I am and what I’ve experienced; which I do not find important. “

Bramlett said all of his experiences at UM have helped him become what he is today. She quickly found a place to fit in and take advantage of as many extracurricular experiences as she could fit into her schedule, and she encourages her classmates to do the same.

“There are clubs for literally everything,” Bramlett said. “Treat your extracurriculars as you would like to treat your education because it’s an extension of that. I’ve learned the same about myself, about the things I love to do, about the things I’m passionate about outside of school, but on campus, just like I have at school. I’ve had the same passion for all kinds and in a hundred I drove to different countries, but the community was spontaneous.

Bramlett’s long list of activities include her sorority, her Gold Side spirit services coordinator and serving as president of the English honor society Sigma Tau Delta, but the opportunities that have been among the most important have been her participation as a Montevallo Maven in the Office of Admissions. and serving as a member of the student social media community in the University’s Marketing & Communication Office.

“Getting connected with the services here on campus not only benefits you with skills that you can now put on your resume, but also really clicks into the culture of the college,” Bramlett said.

In addition to his extensive extracurricular activities, Bramlett also served as part of the UM honors program. He said his participation in the program is his greatest source of pride as a UM student. Bramlett is currently completing his Golson Seminary, capstone course in his program.

“I think completing the honors gave me a lot of pride because of how many honors you have and doing well to get that honor,” Bramlett said.

Bramlett is excited about the opportunity to meet editors from some of the most well-known companies around the world during his upcoming trip to New York during spring break. He said representatives from Penguin Random House and HarperCollins, among others, will attend the gala.

“I want to go into book publishing, and I was looking at the Poets & Writers Gala, and that’s all the publishing companies are involved with,” Bramlett said. “So I’m hoping that I can network and meet the right people and get the right relationships to make it happen soon. In terms of networking, the future is immense.

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