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Ever Holdings is expanding its footprint in Las Vegas with a new, 180,000-foot production facility in the south Las Vegas Valley.

The building, which is slated for completion in October, will consolidate manufacturing and assembly operations from Everi, a company that provides gaming machines, cash access services and more to the casino industry.

The new facility will join two existing manufacturing warehouses, one smaller in Las Vegas and the other in Austin, Texas. Everi continues to grow in the sports business, said company CEO Randy Taylor, and it was time to bring its manufacturing and assembly under one roof.

“At some point, when a big company got big enough, it’s always been a goal to have two and really strengthen the game in the crowd,” Taylor said.

Everi’s work is explained in two segments. It is a single umbrella game under which the company develops and assembles mechanical and video gambling machines, supports digital gaming through a remote gaming server and supports a terminal lottery system in New York state.

Another umbrella is FinTech – the access to cash arm of the company – which supports business mechanisms, debt, credit and checking services within casinos, provides products for patrons to access money to play and more.

While the Austin location is a hub for manufacturing gambling machines, the existing Las Vegas location gathers credit kiosks and other FinTech products. The new facility, Taylor noted, will be environmentally friendly, complete with solar panels above the parking spaces and charging stations for electric cars — both will secure and assemble, Taylor said.

“We think it will be more effective because the programs are there,” he said. “It’s so efficient, and we can use people to work in sports kiosks, or vice versa, depending on the type of orders we run. So we think it would be most effective to strengthen these two partnerships.”

The new facility, located east of the Las Vegas Strip just off Interstate 215, will be the center of not only production, but also home to hardware and software development labs.

The new facility will move about 20 employees from the existing Las Vegas warehouse south of the Strip, Taylor said. Ever’s hope is to relocate some employees from Austin here, and Taylor noted that game manufacturing will move from the old Texas facility to the new one in Nevada over the course of six months.

Everi expects to add about 50 new employees to the Las Vegas Valley, Taylor said, as the company hires new teams in both corporate and member development, adding room for growth.

“[We’ll] they will probably start hiring in the next few months – it’s going up slowly because we can train some of them in the current capacity to be ready in October,” he said.

There are many advantages to consolidating production in Las Vegas, Taylor said, not the least of which is the ability for Ever’s career team and manufacturers to go directly to casinos and see what’s being done or being built in the industry.

He also pointed out that the work of Las Vegas and Reid International Airport is beneficial to the gaming company.

Finally, the city of Everett has a lot to offer, which Taylor said he expects will continue to grow.

“We really feel like we’re a growing team,” he said. “And we’ve got a lot of opportunity in front of us. And we’re very bullish in the game industry, and we’re in that industry.

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This story appeared in Las Vegas Weekly.

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