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Here are all the new cards, location, and other changes that will be coming in April 2023 during the amazing Snap, Animals Gathered.

With Days of Future Past coming to an end, Marvel Snap is now set to question the age of Jeff’s Baby Landshark and all his other critter friends.

Animals of the season will gather fewer new locations, as per the latest changes to the Featured and Hot locations, and fewer new cards than seasons past. But that doesn’t mean it’s not enough content for new and veteran players to unlock!

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Here it all comes together to surprise Snap in time for April, Animals.


Surprise Snap Animals Meet Season Dates

Animals meet in time It begins on April 3, 2023, and will last the entire month of April. It will be sometime in the first week of May, with an as-yet unknown set to be some speculations connected to the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

Amazing Snap animals Time Time Is worth it

As has been the case in the past, players have to either pay for the tracks for good content not available in the free tier. The Premium Season Pass is available for $9.99 and includes the premium reward track. The Premium+ package, which is priced at $14.99, sends the first 10 lines instantly to unlock all content immediately.

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Animal theme in new amazing Snap Season

Quantum of Solace and Days of Future Past revolved around existing comic and film titles; The animals met He seems to wonder more in particular creatures. Not only are all the new cards based on Animals, but new Rian Gonzales variants are coming to the existing Goose and Cosmo animal cards.

New amazing Snap animals assembled cards

Four new cards are coming to surprise Snap as part of the animal season meeting in April 2023.

Snow Guard is a 1-cost, 2-power card that will take either Hawk or Bear form in your hand. The Bear form will trigger the effect of the location where it is carried, while the Hawk will distract all location abilities during the next turn. Since the format isn’t known until the card enters your hand, it’s a bit more difficult to build a strategy around Snowguard, but it can be a very good distraction card for a lot of openings.

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Highly anticipated Jeff’s Baby Landshark is a 2-cost, 3-power card that can be played in any position and is moved once it is played. This will be a fantastic addition to any deck distraction as it will be able to play and move in places that are usually inaccessible like a place flooded by a Storm.

Jeff Baby LandsharkYouTube: Marvel Snap, Marvel Snap

Jeff will join the amazing Snap collection.

Hit-Monkey is a 2-cost, 0-power card that gains 2 power for every other card you play that same turn. This seems like tailor made card making in Patriot decks, where players can spam 1 or 2-cost cards towards the end to increase the power of the Hit-Monkey (theoretically it could hit +8 power with no boosters).

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Stegron is a 4-cost, 5-power card with a Revealed ability that moves an enemy card from the location where it was played to another location. It seems like this is a great card disruptor against any attempts to set up 4/5/6 cards in one place or remove a permanent card effect.

New amazing Snap of animals met places

There are two new places to be added in Animals.

It is the first time Pet Avengers mansion, where all the cards are to be done in the turn that was revealed to him. This could prove very troublesome for players who try to use the points shown to increase the power of their cards.

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The second is Sandbar, a place that prevents the player from adding to the chest with any skill. This means that if a player has no movement cards or no ability cards, they could concede at this point.

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