Every Power-Featured In Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros. The film is a rendition of the beloved video game franchise’s well-received love letter to fans that takes you on a delightful nostalgia-laden journey. Illumination gave you exactly what you wanted. A fun yet saving and clean family friendly origin story for a ragtag team of brothers from Brooklyn looking to make it big!

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It’s a faithful representation that neatly ties a bow around the questions you’ve probably asked before about a noble Italian plumber and his adventures navigating the mushroom kingdom. This movie had several ‘blink, you missed it’ moments and callbacks that felt too clever to ignore.

1 Super Mushroom – Red With White Spots


The pain spreads throughout the whole body. It gives you extra strength and the ability to jump higher, even through blocks of bricks.


Ingestion can also potentially induce nausea and vomiting.

The first are in power, you will look at the original games. Similarly, in the movie, the red mushrooms Mario gets from jumping into question boxes are smaller than those drawn in the game, yet they generally look the same as their larger counterparts.

Another key difference is that they don’t move differently in games. Comically enough, the protagonist refuses to eat the mushrooms and swallow them whole, in order to gain some of his powers.

2 Mini Mushrooms – Blue With White Spots

Toad Hugging Blue Mushrooms and Mini Mushrooms From Video Games


This force pushes back the body’s consuming speeds at the break of the neck. They turn into smaller versions of themselves.


Being so small hinders your ability to perform stressful combat tasks. Eating too much probably makes you nauseous as well.

These blue variants of super powerful mushrooms were first introduced when Mario Party 4 came out. As useless as Mario was in the fight against Donkey Kong in the movie, some things turned out better.

Funnily enough, they changed the course of events that played out at the end of the film. Unlike their red counterparts, these mushrooms can move as soon as they are spawned from the box in question.

3 Fire Flowers – Broken and powerful

Fire Flower From Games And Movies Together


It gives you the power to animate and shoot lightning bolts at a glance.


Although this isn’t explored in the movie, fire-based enemies aren’t affected by any projectiles that you just throw in video games.

Also referred to as Flame flowers, these plants seem to grow in clumps in fields and meadows, although you may occasionally find them popping up through a question mark. You will know that the peach is used to light the field. They look largely identical to their video game counterparts, but act in a few different ways.

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They are much more accurate now that they have a green bushy leaf sticking out. Even the entire character’s outfit changes somewhat, just like in the video games. Fire Flower-Lore Donkey Kong looks very cool with red fur, a white tie, and white fur around the top of the head and around the hands and feet.

Instead of consuming these flowers, most characters end up absorbing their flame. Hence it is easy to prevent the flower from being directed to it by a blast of wind before it is used.

4 Ice Flower – Cool, but Still Broken

Ice Flower From Video Games and Peach Ice Costume


Allows you to throw ice balls or projectiles and freeze enemies in a block of ice.


In the video games, the ice flower takes away your mid-air web ability.

This blue ice flower gives the user strength. Not only that, when the Persian uses traps and the bow is frozen in place to prevent him from being forced to give up his wedding to the villain, he gave the user a completely different outfit, just like the Flame Flower did. This power-up is pretty decent and has no flaws in the movie.

5 Superbellum – Mysterious But Resourceful

SuperBell From Games And Cat Mario


The user experiences increased speed, improved dexterity, and lowered claws to strike enemies.


Start by exhibiting cat-like behaviors.

This fighting power originally from Super Mario 3D World turns Mario into a yellow cat in a fight with Donkey Kong at the jungle kingdom arena.

Dressed in yellow, the cat is decorated with ears that are pink inside and white furry claws.

6 Tanuki deploys suit – I believe I can fly

Tanooki Mario And Super Leaf From The Video Games


The suit allows the user to fly and allows a tail whip attack.


Nothing at all.

This Super Mario Brothers 3 power-up does the same thing as the movie version. As Marius makes his way to Bowser’s floating death castle, he gives him a Tanuki suit with a tail that initially begins to spin on its own. He kept his white coat, but he got a fur coat and ears.

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This power up is similar to what Super Leaf is like, but should not be confused with them.

7 Super star – undoubted invincibility

Starman And Rainbow Mario From Video Games


Users are granted super strength, super speed, super jump, and invulnerability to all attacks, including Bowser’s fire spirit.


It only lasts a short time because you can’t hit it unless it’s washed or overwhelmed in-game.

When Luigi and Mario manage to get their hands on Bowser’s star after Peach’s Koopa shell kicks into it and sends it flying, the brothers grab it and suddenly become invincible. Their bodies were covered in rainbow aura, and then Mario and Luigi turned into Rainbow.

Starmen, as they are lovingly called, are trickier to find, since they are the blocks hidden inside Super Mario Bros.

8 Bonus: Blue Shell – Devastate enemies

The Blue Koopa Shell From The Video Game Is Close To The Blue Paratroopa From The Movie


Exploding a destructive shell into enemies running in the first place allows you. It ends on the trail.


It takes a lot of concentration and precision to shoot, so it also ends up taking up space that you need for another item.

This is the explosive power of the blue Koopa shell that the new Blue Shell Paratrooper shoots Mario and Donkey Kong as they make their way along the Rainbow Road.

It was an excellent submission of power, which is usually only done in the Mario Kart series.

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