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The 2005 Ashes hero is proud of the school’s “unbelievable” facilities

It seems fitting in an Ashes year – and such an absorbing one, at that – that a hero of the 2005 series should ascend to the position of head of cricket at St Lawrence.

Former England wicketkeeper Geraint Jones took over the post in September but acknowledges the “amazing job” that predecessor Seth Simmons (who has stepped up to director of sport) has done to establish the school’s cricket programme.

“Seth has set an incredible foundation, so it’s about carrying on his good work,” said Jones, lauding Simmons’ passion, drive and vision.


Geraint Jones has hailed the “amazing job” done by his predecessor Seth Simmons

“For such a small school in relative terms, we have to get as many of the players’ skill levels up as we can. Over the course of the winter, all of the training sessions and the extra training sessions that Seth has put on – for both boys and girls – is why we’ve got into the top 100.”

Equality is clearly as important to St Lawrence as quality when it comes to the cricket on offer.

“Every single girl from year seven until year 10 does cricket. At the same time, we have boys’ and girls’ cricket going on in the same sessions. When it comes to the summer, I want to make sure that the girls get that same quality of coaching,” Jones says.


The St Lawrence College side who triumphed in the U12 Kent Plate

“We’ve had some real success stories. In our under-15s team that [went] to the national finals, five of the girls are in the Kent pathways system. We want to maintain that. There’s a balance, to make sure they don’t feel forced and there’s enjoyment for it. 

“But we’ve got good kids who will commit to cricket and are enthusiastic towards it – that’s a big bonus.”

Jones is not the only familiar face on hand to share their wisdom with the pupils at St Lawrence; the school regularly runs ‘masterclasses’ from other ex or current professionals, with current and former Kent players Ryan Davies, Alamgir Sheriyar, Imran Qayyum and Tawanda Muyeye running sessions on wintery Wednesday evenings.


St Lawrence College has had a number of recent successes

“It’s good for the kids to hear a different voice, and see that skill level,” Jones says.

So what next? With the cricket programme so well established, Jones now has the opportunity to push on further. Appreciating that cricket in non-fee paying schools is generally on a downward trajectory, he understands the moral obligation that schools like St Lawrence have to promote the game in their locality.

“One thing I want to do is expand what we do in the community, including the local grammar and state schools. That might be arranging fun six or eight-a-side tournaments – we’re in a fortunate at St Lawrence because the facilities we’ve got are unbelievable. So community engagement is something I’d like to do more of.”

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