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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, ME is the resort to experience the upscale Cabo lifestyle if you are looking for a Cabo getaway that emphasizes art and design, upscale cuisine and nightlife. It doesn’t hurt that the property is also located on the beach’s only swimming area, overlooking the iconic “El Arco” rock formation.

After undergoing a 10 million renovation in November 2021, this trendy resort with a completely new look and vibe, with modern upgrades to its 170 guest rooms, including traditional Mexican design mixed with an eclectic variety of wood materials and bright colors; the relaxation of KORPO Thermal Spa; popular outdoor pool and club areas, and especially the dining scene.

In partnership with the popular Mexican restaurant group, Rosa Negra, ME Cabo has four new hot kitchens that highlight Latin American ingredients and cuisine: Confessions Skybar & Tapas, Taboo Beach Club & Restaurant, Funky Geisha, and Mamazzita Anima Mexicana.

Taboo Beach Club & Restaurant features Mediterranean Cuisine, specializing in fresh fish and seafood. And so he bakes his bread in a wood-fired stone oven. Highlights include Taboo Tzatiki and Spicy Feta Cheese and seafood classics such as Tuna Tartare and Ceviche fish made with the catch of the day. The menu is extensive and offers a variety of maki rolls such as Spicy Yellowtail and Spider Roll; hamburgers, which includes a Kobe beef burger; and the properties of the sea, such as the fiery Octopus; Lobster Tacos; and Jumbo Alaksan King Crab Cluster. Taboo also has a selection of USDA Prime steaks that you can order.

Funky Geisha is ME Cabo’s Asian-inspired restaurant on the beach that offers guests a variety of Asian cuisines from Japanese to Thai. Robata’s specialties include Indonesian Octopus with yogurt sauce and Rack of Lamb in Anise Sauce. The chefs’ specialties include Nigerian Alpheus in Rendang Sauce; Lobster Curry Rice; and King Crab Marinated in Yuzu. Also featured on the menu is a selection of Thai dishes such as Pad Thai and Panang Curry, Sushi, and Nigiri.

Located at the top of ME Cabo is Confessions Skybar & Tapas, a lively bar and lounge that features nightly DJs and dancing alongside signature cocktails and an international selection of tapas and main course entrees. Do we lead the most? Beautiful views to the Sea of ​​Cortez. Popular tapas include Wagyu Chili Nachos, Baja Tacos and Lobster Caesar, while popular dishes include Wagyu Spaghetti and Mushroom and Truffle Risotto. Don’t miss out on the mixology creations that include red crimson or Caribbean goose.

Lastly, Mamazzita is a Mexican soul that serves breakfast and dinner. This is their Mexican restaurant that offers a modern take on Mexican cuisine. All of their tortillas are handmade and baked in a wood-fired oven. The first ones include Burrata in Mole Almendrado; Eskites at Lobster; and Tortilla Soup with Pasilla and Guajillo Peppers. The chefs’ specialties include Heluetios enchiladas with the catch of the day, octopus, scallops and shrimp; Korobuta Pibil Cooked with achiote; and Barbacoa de Pueblo Short Rib, slow cooked for 12 hours with “Mamazzita” Rub.

ME Cabo General Manager talked to me Luis Dominguez about the expansion of things; in restaurant concepts and more. Here is what he says.

Can you talk about the expansion of the aid?

ME Cabo reopened in November 2021, unveiling a beautiful $10 million renovation and revealing a new partnership with the famous Grupo Rosa Negra. Ours clearly compensated for the appearance, having reached almost every part of the obstinacy; from the hospitality and public spaces to the food and beverage outlets and the new roof covering and lounge, in partnership with Rosa Negra. In keeping with the spirit of the MEI by Meliá collection, ME Cabo offers the best location, contemporary design, personal service and enriching experiences for the modern, discerning traveller.

How in a particular department in the restaurant?

New venues at ME Cabo include a beach club pool surrounded by a lineup of musicians and shows, distinctive Mediterranean cuisine with Mexican influences and bars that offer signature Tequila and Mezcal cocktails. where food is an art form and a truly transcendent experience. This Mediterranean food is lovingly transformed into a way of life, with whole and original ingredients mixed in new ways, for an authentic Mediterranean cuisine not yet interpreted.

At Confessions Skybar & Tapas guests can enjoy spectacular views of Los Cabos and the Sea of ​​Cortez from this exotic bar and lounge hidden at the top of the sky bar. It is a unique space that looks like a piece of art, with a mystical and dramatic touch. An open-air restaurant, Mamazzita takes inspiration from the flavors and colors of Mexican culture, creating a festive and adventurous atmosphere.

This is the best of traditional cuisine, reinvented with sophisticated culinary techniques and exquisite ingredients. Located on the beach, a few steps from the sea, Funky Geisha is a truly unique and mystical experience with artisan mixology, and a great spot to celebrate and hang out with friends.

What is the inspiration behind the new restaurant concept?

Partnering with a gastronomy giant like Grupo Rosa Negra, we aim to have ME Cabo continue to rewrite the rules in Cabo, offering new hot spots to create epic social events for guests and locals.

What is the catalyst for investing in entertainment only?

ME Cabo is all about art, music, energy and of course — cuisine. ME Cabo is the true social epicenter of Los Cabos and we wanted to ensure that our restaurants through Grupo Rosa Negra have a place to experience innovative and great food and high quality entertainment.

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