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“We are very open and honest people, and if we feel something we just say it, no hinting, no such game.”

The couple are commuting between Laura’s home in Dublin and Matthew’s in Co Down after they recently celebrated their first anniversary, meeting for the first time on Dancing with the Stars.

“We’ve talked about buying a house here in Ireland, but we’re a young couple and it’s taking time on our feet, Laura tells the Sunday World.

“At the moment we are thinking of ending up in different countries or traveling or something like that. We’re thinking of buying in Ireland at some point, but probably not for a few years.”

Matthew, who along with Laura was nominated in the upcoming Platinum VIP Style Awards, agrees.

“Also, in this industry you try to go where the opportunities are, like something might pop up and we couldn’t live here or live there and I’m the same. You can’t go very far. Its more expensive,” he points out.

“I’ll take us back. I’ll just stay with her, and then she’ll go up north from where I’m at.”

The couple posted some photos of their romantic holiday on social media last year.

“Last year we went a little wild,” laughs Laura. “We were in San Diego and also in Naples in Florida, then we went to Marbella, so they were away a lot last year. So this year we are trying to be a little sensitive. We decided on ten days in the south of France.”

Matthew, who towers 6’6 over 5’8″ Laura, works as a marketing consultant and also as a model.

“I did a case with the stars of the stars, the same reason I did Love Island, because of the advent,” adds Matthews, who joined Kaz in Casa Amore 2021.

Laura, who, like Matthew, is 28 years old, but a few months ago, adds with a smile: “Yes, I am delighted that I would not have met otherwise.

Comedian Kevin McGahern enjoyed his time on the show this year.

“Because it was fantastic, we had some brilliant craic in the studio,” he says.

“I didn’t expect him to take it as seriously as he did. He really took it seriously and wanted to be better every week, but we had a lot of craic and we made it really well to the semi-final, I couldn’t be happier.

Matthew MacNabb and his girlfriend Laura Nolan are moving to sunny Marbella for the summer

He gave full praise to Matthew for his partner’s efforts.

“For years,” he said. “He had a harder time with me because I wasn’t the best dancer. You’ll see her actually develop as a practitioner and dancer on Dancing with the Stars this year and it’s nice to sit back and see that too.

Laura is grateful for her help.

“For me, another perspective is really nice that Matthew did it because he was there to help me but he was also there to talk to Kevin about different things that Kevin could relate to, so it was really nice that he really understood everything. He notes the time he enters and what the whole show is.

Even after all the dances they did together Laura was still teaching him new routines.

“Learning new skills, trying to open your mind to new skills and learning different things, and that’s important to be successful,” he affirms.

“We are invested in the fitness of life. Health and fitness is what I’m into, about self-improvement, and it’s a big deal, so that’s fine. We went to the gym together yesterday. He teaches me to dance more, so there are more individual skills

“I don’t think I can do the arts (professional dance), but I would love to do it.”

He focused on his career at the moment.

“I’m actually working with companies on wellness programs right now, so they’re already building to help people with mental and physical health,” he said.

“I’m also with Mandy Maher (Model Catwalk Agency) and I’m signed to an agency in London as well.”

Matthew was also once very sporty, playing GAA for his local team in Downpatrick.

“I can’t play anymore, I’m old and worn out!” he laughs “I was in midfield, I wasn’t the best. It was said in the goals, but it was not said that it was important to decorate. This is my opinion.”

Laura hails from Lucan in west Dublin, where she teaches ballroom dancing at St Andrew’s National School.

“There’s a new school that’s opened at Lucan, so we’re doing a ballroom for Latin, features and gestures, and dances. We started this week,” he adds.

“I’ve been dancing since I was three, so my whole life has been dancing and competing. I’ve traveled all over the world representing Ireland and I’ve become the strongest through it all. Then I stopped competing and went with the stars, so my whole life is dancing.

He rejoices in the things that have been worked out for him and Matt.

“I think what works for us is that we are two positive people and we have really good communication skills, where we have a lot of relationships,” he emphasizes.

“We are very compact and honest people, and if we feel something we just say, there is nothing to be found, no games, nothing like that.

“Recently we had a one year anniversary, but because I was on Dancing with the Stars at the time, I didn’t have much time to do anything, but we went to lunch to have the whole time. But we have a lot of time ahead of us to enjoy ourselves.”

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