Dsignage makes digital advertising technology affordable for most businesses

DSignage, a digital signage and experience innovation agency, announces the launch of DSignage as a Service (DSaaS), a monthly subscription service that gives US companies access to the latest digital technology to engage, inform and engage consumers without the hassle of marketing and training.

For a set monthly fee, large businesses will be able to use DSignage’s vast inventory of digital systems with the option of upgrading to newer technology with available capabilities. Subscribers will have access to the same LED, UHD, OLED, LCD and super amoled technologies that have fueled the growth of the industry worldwide.

DSasS users can also take advantage of DSignage’s creative agency, which provides videos and graphics for digital commercial displays, as well as design, installation, support and technical support.

“Digital display technology has been a capital investment, with companies spending thousands on hardware and software annually,” said Jose Diaz, president of DSignage. “With DSaaS, having the use of digital tools in the operational budget – and well placed in most companies.”

DSaaS is breaking the $18 billion global digital display market, giving companies more ability to display to customers and compete with the big brands. In the last 10 years, the development of digital display technology has made it the go-to for advertising. Technology has opened doors to new and innovative ways to improve products and enhance experiences for global brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike and Mercedes Benz.

High-resolution digital displays are popular in corporate campuses, health facilities, entertainment and sports venues, large shopping malls, car dealers, restaurant chains, retail stores and transportation companies. DSignage creates dynamic video systems for companies such as Novant Health, Siemens, Swiss Watch and Baptist Health South Florida.

DSaaS allows companies to keep their capital in their pockets and use the profits they see from digital marketing campaigns to dream bigger.

“Once customers see the impact digital display technology has on the bottom line, they want to use more sophisticated systems,” Diaz said. “With DSaaS, they can be as creative as their imagination allows without worrying about how to do it.”

DSignage’s signature service bridges huge digital divides, erasing the barriers many companies faced in the past with access to technologies;

• Commercial digital displays as well as related hardware and software are expensive and often require capital expenditures.

• Companies are afraid to integrate digital technologies, because they struggle to visualize how the technology will increase their income, unless money and communications are improved.

• Hardware and software often become obsolete within a few years.

SaaS ensures that no one is forced to invest in equipment, installation or operation.

“All business now is to play the press,” Diaz said.

Offering businesses an affordable digital display media technology is a gamechanger for thousands of retailers.

“I really like what” [DSignage] does it for retail. It makes stores come to life,” said John English, visual merchandise manager for Swiss Watches.

For more information, visit www.dsignage.net.


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