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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, United States, April 5, 2023 /.EINPresswire.com/ — As studies suggest time and time again, women-led companies achieve success, higher overall growth and generate more revenue. Women help the economy grow and flourish. Women bring new thinking, new perspectives and contribute to a more inclusive world. However, barriers, from an unconscious bias to the gender gap, keep them from reaching the highest levels of leadership, which is evident from so few women in leadership roles. With all the pressure women face, can we control ourselves? Our ability to look down? Struggling with impostor syndrome? Without confidence and leadership potential compared to our male counterparts? High-powered women need the right support, systems and leadership to take their place at the table and build a more equitable and sustainable future for us all.

Dr. Alessandra Walls is a top executive coach and founder and CEO of Notable, whose mission is to promote equality for women. She works directly with women in STEM and finance and the achievement of women who rely on these women to help them advance their careers and thrive in the workplace.

“My sole focus as an executive coach is helping ambitious, smart, driven women achieve their highest potential and leadership all the way to the C-site. I encourage my clients to step into and own their leadership whether at work, in the community, or at home, by providing them with the tools and support they need to function appropriately without feeling undermined, neglected, or sacrificing their health, family, and relationships. . So they can pursue positions that affect them to reach higher levels of success without burnout.”

Tech, Biotech, and Finance, these fields shape how we all live and work. However, Dr. Wall points out that there are still too few women in these industries, and often those who are represented still struggle to be heard and respected. The shortage of women in top executive positions is indeed stark. At the top, the physical leadership levels are still dominated by men or a few older and middle-aged white women.

Dr. Wall also believes that the solution to this inequality lies in supporting individual women, while building and promoting a strong inclusive culture on a normal level. In his opinion, this is a key part of a more productive and productive workplace that accelerates growth, innovation and performance.

“Many of my clients and the women I talk to every day are still working twice as hard because of the lack of recognition. They are not automatically included in large meetings, key decision-makers, or invited to share their insights at the proverbial table. Perhaps part of the problem is that women tend to belittle their work or not be taught how to articulate their impact appropriately. My clients are highly educated, technically and strategically excellent, but these skills alone do not get them to the C-site. Significant learning aims to guide, inspire and help you build the skills and confidence to be effective at owning and maintaining your dignity.

Alessandra points out that advocacy is essential to help women access and succeed in major leadership roles. Winning entrepreneurs requires skills that are not taught in school, and are rarely learned on the job. Knowing how to build that visibility without getting rebuffed, strengthening professional networks, and understanding how to build those relationships are among the most important skills leaders can learn.

According to Dr. There are three types of female executives who require significant training. The first two types are women who promote and promote the role. One group feels stuck and stagnant and looks for external opportunities, while the other is content with their organizations and wants to invest for internal growth. A third class of women is included in leadership wherever they are accomplished. This final group seeks out more traditional executive agencies to demonstrate effective and powerful leadership.

a clinical psychologist by trade, Dr. Wall draws on his professional background and works with all of his clients on optimizing their mindset and helping them break down any self-limiting beliefs. This supports the growth, confidence and authority of individuals and leaders so that they can build careers that are “both glowing, successful and deeply fulfilling.”

“My mission is to help as many women as possible to live and succeed so they can build a legacy they are proud of. The approaches I use are based on science, human psychology, and years of practical experience. The results speak for themselves, the Clients are looking for significant promotion and promotion, they are more secure, strengthened and balanced to lead powerfully from the front.

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